Pennsylvania QSO Party This Weekend

DougHDH at DougHDH at
Thu Oct 10 20:23:17 EDT 1996

Hi Gang,

All the gang in Pennsylvania are gearing up for what may be the largest
Pennsy Party ever (despite the sunspot cycle).  Reports of many expeditions
to rare counties are running high and many of our mobile friends will be
criss-crossing the State.

Remember,  for following mobiles, William Penn layed out the State so that a
normal mobile will change counties about every 30 minutes. Set one of your
memories on the mobile and check back often - they usually try to stay on one

Also, Mr. Penn placed his county lines on the TOP of many of our mountains.
 So look for county line stations - particularly "rovers" - in multiple
counties.  (I am going to start on the CLE/CMB/BLA tri point. - I'll be
mobile -CW- on the way to next QTH on the FUL/FRA line, etc.)

Unique to this Party, Pennsy stations CAN count their own counties as
multipliers, so activity will be on 40 meters (SSB  &CW) with many dropping
down to 20 m.

Check activity times on 20m scheduled for 2000z Sat & Sun - also 10m at
1800z, and 15m at 1900z (right, the band is really going to open!).

As the sun sets in the east, activity moves to 80/75 m and then 160m at
0300z.  Last year, most stations worked over 100 QSOs on 160!

Don't miss it!  Drop me an E-mail and I'll send you the rules followed by
S-Mail with entry sheet/records/log sheet.  Our Web Site almost up and
running - will post scores there soon  - I hope.  I'll let you know the URL
when it is operational.

See you this weekend and good luck in the Party - the friendliest going!

73,  Doug, W3HDH  (dougHDH at AOL..COM)

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