Jerry Fray jefray at
Thu Oct 10 22:54:41 EDT 1996

k4sb at wrote:
> Well, the info on the good times virus was interesting. However, here is
> a real alert.
> >From Symantec BBS. A version of PKZIP is currently being placed on variou
> BBSs around the country. It is named PK300.ZIP. This is NOT a new version
> of PKZIP. The latest, and authenic one is PK204G.ZIP.
> Check the Symantec board for more info.
> 73
> Ed
Hi Ed -
	What was the DATE on the bulletin on PKZ300???? I run a LL based BBS
and that msg came out at least 2 yrs ago! I have never seen the file
anywhere I have been as yet, BBS's or Internet. Doesn't mean it don't
exist just that as a SYSOP I try to stay on top of these things.

Jerry KB9NMU
"No Code - No HF....Know Code KNOW HF!"

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