SS rover thread that wont go away

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Tue Oct 15 13:18:50 EDT 1996

W6PH wrote:

>SweepStakes Categories for Rover or Single Op Assisted (Packet)
>1)  There is no category for rover or "SS/Mobile" in different sections
>    using the same call sign.  (K8MR type operations use different
>    stations and calls; he is a roving operator!)  If you are operating
>    mobile by yourself, you are single operator.  You may work others only
>    once and others may only work you once.  Otherwise, it is a duplicate
>    contact.  There is no multiplier credit for a duplicate contact.  So,
>    a second contact with you in a different section is a null contact.
>    There is no scoring advantage to operating from more than one section.
>    The unanswered question is which section the score should been listed
>    under.

Since I started this mess about passing through ARRL sections during a
contest, I must comment, especially if contradictory information is being
passed out.

A couple of days ago, Bill Lunt, KR1R, the ARRL Contest Director stated
that you may operate from as many ARRL sections as you wish. The only
constraint is you start your QSO numbering back at #1 when you cross a
section boundary.

Now W6PH says something totally different. Where does this information come
from? My info is from the League.

W6PH, can you explain where you found your interpretation of the rules?

de KN5H

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