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Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House n0dh at comtch.iea.com
Thu Oct 17 11:18:19 EDT 1996

k4sb at avana.net wrote:
> Brent, I don't have an 850, but this is the mod I used on my 940. I
> assume the antenna TX/RX wiring is probably identical.
> 1. Install 2 audio plugs in the back panel. You may have one ( as the
> 940 did ) which is not in use.

If you dont use the outboard DSP unit on your 850 then use one of the
RCA phono plugs in the upper right hand corner (looking from the
back)which are for the DSP unit. When it comes time to sell the unit you
can easily "restore" it to "original". In my case I just made an
external relay box which allows me to switch the receive antenna in and
out with an external relay, this also allows for ease of switching back
and forth between listening on the Beverage or Transmit antenna, but
gives the fail safe of never transmitting into the beverage. The linear
PTT line runs off a second set of contacts in the box so that the the
linear can not key up until the receive antenna has switched of line.

By the way I used the DSP jacks instead as an extra set of CW key jacks.
They are set up so that you can use the internal keyer or an extrenal
(computer) keying simultaneously (without having to grope for that
little switch in the back). A description of this MOD should still be on
KA9FOX's WEB page soewhere.


>From rattmann at cts.com (rattmann)  Thu Oct 17 18:29:10 1996
From: rattmann at cts.com (rattmann) (rattmann)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 10:29:10 -0700
Subject: 9Y4H CQ WW
Message-ID: <199610171729.KAA14315 at burnout.cts.com>

Hi all,
I will activate 9Y4H on all bands in CQ WW Phone this year.  Yes, I do QSL
although I am a bit behind...Please don't send second requests, you WILL get
your card!  About 2,000 will go out early December. Thanks!
Glenn K6NA

>From rattmann at cts.com (rattmann)  Thu Oct 17 18:29:12 1996
From: rattmann at cts.com (rattmann) (rattmann)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 10:29:12 -0700
Subject: SU2MT
Message-ID: <199610171729.KAA14323 at burnout.cts.com>

We are trying to get Mohammed, SU2MT to be active in WW Phone this year so
we can all get the double multiplier.  Hope he makes it.

Re my operation there in WW Phone 95, I am preparing 100% QSLs for my entire
log.  They will go to bureaus in early December.  No need for SASE.  I
cannot help with any other dates. Thanks, Glenn K6NA

>From jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid)  Thu Oct 17 18:35:15 1996
From: jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 07:35:15 -1000
Subject: Summary:1000D vs. 1000MP, LONG
Message-ID: < at aloha.net>

Aloha to All from the Garden Island of Kauai,

Thanks to the many, many of you who responded with
opinions on the topic of what to buy:   a used,  older
1000D,  or a brand new 1000MP.

What follows is a simple summary,  and then a selection of
quotes from some of the responses I rcv'd.  Not all are
quoted,  and no one is identified as a participant. 

First the simple pole results:  1000D used and a few years old vs.
a new MP;   

                In favor of used,  loaded D:   18 (about)

                In favor of MP:   4 or 5 (lost colunt!)

                Against both and for something else:  1 for Icom 765
                                                                      1 for
Icom 775
                                                                      1 for
Icom 781
                                                                      1 for
Kenwood 870

                And five with comments about the rigs,  but no obvious
bias for or against either rig,  nor for any other.

The result:  my check (cashier's)  is on the way for the purchase of
an FT-1000D,  S/N 1M190107,  with all factory updates and mods
installed as of February,  1996,  with all optional filters available,
BPF-1,  RS-232 interface unit,  and Internation Radio tunining mods
to both main and sub VFO's.

Now a few of the quotes from my  "research"  posts:

"You have made the right choice. Just add an outboard Timewave DSP filter and
you have state of the art rx......"

"The 1000mp has problems with the Alpha 87A....power level control. The
FT-1000D gives you total control over output power level AND you can run it
QRP at 5W."

"I have an acquantance who owns an FT-1000D and he loves it.  He buys every
new rig that comes out and compares them to the D and he always keeps the
1000D.  He sells the others.  I bought a "barely " used Ft-1000MP from him a
few months ago, he didn't offer to sell me his 1000D!  I think you made a
wise choice (although this 1000MP is CLEARLY far and away the BEST rig that
I'VE ever owned , and I LOVE it!)"

"I just bought a new 1000MP and I am very happy with it.
I know the 1000D comes loaded with all the filters so it
may be a better deal.  I had to purchase all the filters
separately for the MP because its not up to par without
them installed.  However, I believe having heard them
both side by side that the MP with the EDSP out performs
the 1000D in copying under noisy conditions.  With all 
the amazing computer control on the MP, it allows you to
tailor the radio to your personal preferences, something
the D is lacking.  The D has old technology, like most of
the Kenwoods, to compare it to the MP is like tubes vs
transistors... I went through the same decision making of
the two radios about 3 months ago and analyzed it to the
point of getting crazy.  The only operational difference
I found of greater value on the D was the true out of band
dual receive.  The MP can only do dual receive in the same
band.  Other than that plus for the D, nothing else comes
close...  The MP won my vote hands down.  Two other hams
here in the neighboorhood also purchased the MP."

" You are doing the right thing!  I have both a 1000D & a 1000MP. Love
them both for different reasons. If I was in your QTH I'd go with the
fully filtered 1000D. Here in the noisy suburbia the 1000MP would be
better... but I still use the 1000D in a 1 radio set-up for contests."

"I too chose a used FT1000D over a new FT1000MP.  Make sure the ROM
version is 6.0 or you won't be able to use contest programs like NA or CT.
If you don't have Ver 6, Yaesu will send you it free and installation should
take you less than 60 minutes and there's no brain surgery involved.

The MP's DSP is no worse and no better than outboard types like Timewave,
although it does work on transmit (so?).  An audio equalizer and a Heil HC4
should really be all that's necessary from that point of view."

"As owner of both FT-1000D and FT-1000MP I can tell you the

1. I certainly prefer the big brother FT-1000D. But I have to be 
fair and tell that MP is also a very nice rig.

The front end of FT-1000D is better than MP with almost no
overloading problems . 

In good band conditions, both are OK. When the condx are vy low
the D works little bit better with vy weak signals in the noise. On
low bands MP is litlle bit less noisy but less sensistive than D.

On CW contest you'll find the MP new features very useful.

 Power output on D can reach abt 260w keydown with excellent
spectral purity. The MP has a 12v amp with quite poor signal purity.

  If you like very reliable rig the D will be the better choice:

    * classic oversized power supply easy to service on D
    * on MP a small and complicated switching power supply not so
      good for long contests.
    * vy reliable board interconnections on D against very problematic
      SMT connectors on MP  ( I'm an electronic engineer working on
      hardware design ).

 If you're a dx-er you'll find that the crossband dual RX on D more
useful than in-band dual rx of MP.

 The MP DSP is vy nice on rx but not so impressive on tx.

 FT-1000MP stability is not a strong point:  it's
very recommended to buy one of the optional TCXOs offered by Yaesu.

 If you like bells and whistles , the MP is your choice. His vy nice
front panel is somewhat too crowded and not so ergonomic.

 The MP computer is newer and more powerfull than D so you have
more features. But in dx-ing and contests is quite difficult to use them

 Selectivity is the same : didn't feel any improvement with the Collins
mechanical filters of MP."

"  I think your choice is the best considering your
        situation - I had a loaded 1000D and sold it for
        the MP - I'm a small station also, but I've got
        most of the problems you mentioned, including some
        really big guns within 35 miles of me N/S/E/W, hi.

        I liked the D model a lot and it has a great receiver
        really quiet and effective - should really perform in
        your station.  The MP seems to have a little edge, but
        again, I've in a different situation."

"I went thru the same drill about 6 months ago. Even the folks at Yaesu told
me to stay with the 1000D."

"I did the same thing, you made a good decision."

"  Let me start by saying I have NOT owned either rig, but I have used both, 
     including a 1000D and an MP at the same station in a multi-op
     for the ARRL DX test and the 10 meter contest earlier this year.
     I like both radios.  I think the front end on the MP is much better, 
     especially in a multi-transmitter environment, but that sounds like it
     not be an issue for you.  By the time you buy all the "optional" filters 
     for the MP, it gets very expensive.
     The MP has a dual receiver, but it must be in the same band as the main 
     receiver.  The 1000D lets you listen on other bands.  I think that is a 
     VERY nice feature.
     Since I am financially challenged, I will stick with my 765, which I like 
     very much!  Did you notice the winning station of the IARU team contest 
     used TWO 765s?" 

"All my contesting buddies on the east coast bought FT1000MP had them a week
and sent them back for the IC775DSP. I myself prefer the TS870...an
incredible receiver with true DSP in the IF not the audio..gud luck...I
wouldnt own a Yahoo rig...cant get em fixed...no parts to be had."

"I think your doing the wrong thing.  My FT1000D has alot of filter "blow
by"  It also does not hear as well as the IC781 I have.  and I can put
both on the same antenna or beverage with a proper power splitter and
put one in each ear of a headphone to prove it.
The 1000 just didn't have the filtering right.  But I still like to use
it.....since Im stuck with it.   Perhaps you'de like to buy it from me,
Ill sell it less than a new one your looking at....no prob.
Ill include the computer interface and the matching DVK."

[Concerning the early serial number of the 1000D being
considered,  and the fact that it was upgraded at the
service center in Reseda in 2/96]:

"I don't want to get to far down into the nitty-gritty, but "official
Yaesu-release upgrades" to a S/N 19 do not necessarily make it the same
as a later S/N, because mods are often made in production that never
become 'official upgrades', for a variety of reasons"

" From the data I have, those below
08xxxx required a substantial number of mods for various minor flaws.  Also,
I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but the ROM version was changed to
version 6.  Versions prior to this had some problem with the computer interface.
After this batch (08xxxx), there were relatively few mods made.  The last
substantial mod was to improve 2nd order IMD by changing out most of the diodes
in the RX RF path with PIN diodes.  This mod is in all radios from SN 28xxxx
However, early radios are NOT SUBSTANTIALLY different from later ones, and
Yaesu has been very good about free updates for those well past the warranty

"I've bought two used 1000Ds and haven't regretted it.  They've been going 
for good prices, too, $1,750-$2,500.  Last one locally was asking 2K, I 
offered 1.5K and it went for 1,750.  Not bad!  I didn't get that, 
unfortunately -- but I wanted to keep the money in the tower budget -- 
but if I could have gotten it for 1.5K I'd have done it.  I think the D 
is a better buy, as guys who have to have the latest dump 'em to get the 
MP or 775 or whatever."

".if money isn't really tight, you don't have to decide -- get one 
of each, a 1M serial number 1000 (cheaper), a 2M serial number 1000, and 
an MP!  Which is why I now have a pair of FT-1000Ds (I call them an 
FT-2000), a 940 (worth more to me to keep it as a backup and "utility" 
radio than for what they're going for now), and three Drake TR-7 radios."  

"I'll bet you that the difference in the radios will be minor compared to
the difference in: A. Better antenna, or  B. Higher antenna.
I helped my friend  raise his KT34XA just  10 or 20 feet.
He figures a db for every 10 ft at this point of the cycle."

"This Summer at our DX Convention that is hosted between Vancouver,Seattle
and Portland (Portland this year) ON4UN John was a speaker, very interesting,
he was asked about his radio that he now uses. He is using the FT-1000MP, 
when asked why switching from 1000D he said the receiver in the 1000MP
was more sensitive, especially the second receiver."

73 to all,  and hope you found this as interesting as I did.

Jim,  AH6NB


>From silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)  Thu Oct 17 19:14:26 1996
From: silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira) (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 16:14:26 -0200
Subject: Azden Headset
Message-ID: <199610171814.QAA16979 at ax.ibase.br>

Dear friends,

I bought an Azden headset for the CQWW. In my opinion the mic sensitivity is too poor. I usually have to increase a lot of  mic and processor gain. Is that common with headsets? Or the Heil Sound model performs much better?


Carlos - PY1CAS

>From gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)  Thu Oct 17 20:31:00 1996
From: gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW) (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 15:31:00 -0400
Subject: Index and Azden
Message-ID: <m0vDxEi-000f4yC at mgate.arrl.org>


     1) The QST Review of the Index Lab radio (QRP Plus) mentioned
          an audio feedback problem. Try contacting the manufacturer.

     2)  The QST Review of the Axden Headset review mentioned
           that the set could be modified by replacing the mike element
          with a Heil HC-4 element. (The review said the stock element in
          the Azden was not as "crisp" sounding as the HC-4, but was
          (like the HC-5 Heil element), fine for casual operating.

          Sincere 73,
          Glenn Swanson, KB1GW

>From silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)  Thu Oct 17 20:09:45 1996
From: silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira) (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 17:09:45 -0200
Subject: DSP survey
Message-ID: <199610171909.RAA22819 at ax.ibase.br>

Dear friends,

My manager will go to the COMDEX Fall in Las Vegas and that's a good oportunity to buy DSP. I intend to use it with my second radio (FT757GXII). However I'd like to know if it is really worthy since it works in audio. I used to have an MFJ audio filter (analog) for SSB and CW, however it never worked fine, since then I became with a bad impression of audio filters. So, I have two good questions:

1) Can I wait a good performance of an audio DSP filter? 

2) Which model is the best? Timewave, JPS, ...

I have a neighbord friend who owns a TS870S (PY1BY) and he was not impressed with the Kenwood IF DSP. He said he misses when he used a 450S with a timewave DSP. I don't know what to say about that!

Thank you in advance and 73's,

Carlos - PY1CAS

>From mwdink at eskimo.com (Michael Dinkelman)  Thu Oct 17 20:05:34 1996
From: mwdink at eskimo.com (Michael Dinkelman) (Michael Dinkelman)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 12:05:34 -0700
Subject: EU Layers
Message-ID: <199610171911.MAA11201 at mail.eskimo.com>

Hmmmmm..... Europeans? Who are they? From the true black hole of the
Left Coast. 

Want proof? - just ask the WRTC96 participants.

>>To those of us in the "true midwest" there are two layers of europeans.
>>Those we can hear and those we can't. 

Michael Dinkelman
Kent, WA
mwdink at eskimo.com

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