Jupiter Noise trashes 15M

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Fri Oct 18 18:20:56 EDT 1996

This is most interesting... I will have to do some listening...
The big astonomy packages that show the planets and their moons in great
detail, such as THE SKY, and DANCE OF THE PLANETS, among others, are
expensive $100-$400 range... but,  ASTRONOMY magazine is three bucks, and it
has a continuous spiral diagram showing the position of IO (and the other
moons) for every hour of every day, for that month... you can even stop at
the library and read the mag for free...

To find the direction for Jupiter there is a shareware program called
SKYGLOBE, written by one Mark Haney of Ann Arbor, Mi ( maize and blue town),
that runs like a champ, appears to be bug free, and I like very much for
casual work... It will show you the direction for Jupiter for any date/time,
over a period of thousands of years... I am not aware that it shows the
moons, that is why I suggest the magazine for that... the software was
downloaded from  the internet, but alas, I don't know the address as it was
given to me by KB8NNU, Dave...  who may read this and fill us in...

anyway, this little program loads instantly, runs in dos or a dos window, has
more features than a swiss army knife, and goes and goes just like the
bunny... highly recommended...

or for $20 you can get a registered copy... 1-800-968-4994

Now the usual disclaimers:
My ex brother in law's bookie is trying to get this program put on the board
in Vegas and I get mucho bucks from the mob for each free copy downloaded,
and the payment on my Silver Shadow is overdue, and the cat has been
depressed since he was neutered and the vet wants 400 bucks to put em back...
and I need you to get this program so I can get the Omni out of hock in time
for cqww CONTEST...

Denny                   k8do at aol.com

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Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 15:07:06 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: T88T
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Yes, And I just werked'em at 2203Z...W O W.....

It sure made my day perk up....!

Cleve - N7IXG

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