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Hi Gang.  Takes a little longer for us ole guys to get connected but glad to 
be here.  I am comfortable being behind the technology curve.  Anyway this 
is my FIRST post.

The reasonable airfares enticed me to buy tickets for both CQWW weekends. 
I'm looking at this as a recon mission before CW.  Expect to do a SOAB 
effort on both modes but won't kill myself on SSB.  No dvp/dvk so you will 
hear the real me all weekend.

 Leave tomorrow morning for Aruba.  Travel plans mean crossing paths with 
the V26B gang in San Juan airport while enroute.  That should be fun! 
 Arrive on P4 mid-afternoon.  Expect to have dinner with CT1BOH after some 
preliminary antenna checks prior to sunset.  Lots of work to do on Thurs., 
get the beverages strung, transmitting antennas fixed/replaced, etc.  I 
never know what is waiting for me upon arrival.  Who said dxpeditions were 
relaxing on the beach?

A description of the station is on the FRC website
Quick summary, single tower, Force 12 monobanders 40-10, inverted Vs on 
800 foot bev to eur and 400 footer to USA.  TS930S (again old technology) 
and Alpha 87A (out of character I guess).

My Aruban host Humphrey told me last week that they are working on the 
powerlines coming to the house so I hope that means a new transformer and 
more line voltage.  It has not been unusual during the evening hours to have 
only 190-200 VAC .  Even with a stepup xformer the Alpha 87A doens't always 
play well.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Looking  forward to a fun weekend.


John  W2GD/P40W

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Subject: Will gets his call first
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All the responses I have received have said that it was a joke. I am
sorry. I didn't realize it was a joke because I didn't notice the typo.
Sometimes I am too liberal like my grandfather. Secondly, I want to
apologize for posting it to the whole reflector. I hit the reply button
and didn't notice that it went to the reflector until I got all these
replies. I am very sorry to everyone who had to read this junk. Blame me.
Thanks to everyone who responded to me since there were over 17 people.

                                            Cordially yours and best of
                                            KT4LD-16 YEARS OLD-ANDREW

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