LU's novices new frequencies

Wed Oct 23 21:27:51 EDT 1996

Does it really matter?
It looks like the Government changed their frequencies and not them!
I could see upholding a Gentlemens aggrement if it was an understanding
But it definatly looks like the gov down there did it and not the
Argentinian Novices!
So why should both us and them suffer by not being able to work a contest
because their Government went and changed their rules?
I say that we work around this and try to set aside a new contest free
zone on 10m after this season!

73 de Mike

>From py5eg at (Atilano de Oms Sobrinho)  Thu Oct 24 02:31:18 1996
From: py5eg at (Atilano de Oms Sobrinho) (Atilano de Oms Sobrinho)
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 22:31:18 -0300
Message-ID: <199610240030.WAA18042 at>

Hello contesters:

             Araucaria DX Group again will be active from Fernando de
Noronha Is. PY0F
             This time we will be as a multi single op, with the following ops:
             PY5CC - PETER
             N5FA  - JIM
             PY5EG - OMS
             PY0FF - ANDRE
             PY5GU - GUS
             Please call us in all bands. We will be more than happy to work
you 6 bands !!!.

             QSL manager  - PY5EG
                            ATILANO DE OMS
                            P.O.BOX 37
                            CURITIBA - PR  CEP 80001

             See you in contest.

             Oms PY5EG          

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