LU's novices new frequencies

Sat Oct 26 12:27:17 EDT 1996

JP whats Ken's talking about & Ken please correct me if Im not understanding 
what your trying to get out,
is not working them in their subband (one which their government set up)
because some group of indivuals decided that 28.3 to 28.35  was going
to be off limits to contests!
Why should those new operators from Argentina miss out on possibly
entering a new area of the hobby, one which they might enjoy and prompt them
to upgrade out of their novice class to a higher class because of this group 
deciding on this Gentlemens agreement?
Not only that, what if they are trying to work for their WAS or other award
which would be very easy to obtain during this CQWW SSB event. How many of 
the USA operators are even aware that Argentina has a novice subband that
high in 10 meters???
Also, another Op sent me a message saying something which I agree with
and the ARRL and every other group will have its hands full when this does
Whats going to happen to that Gentlemens agreement when the Sunspots return
in full force?  I remember a fews years ago, 10m was filled with signals from
all the way past 28.8mhz during the 10m contest & ARRL Dx Contest!

Man I wish I was in Antigua now!

73 de Mike

>From bobgar at (robert C. Garceau)  Sun Oct 27 00:02:09 1996
From: bobgar at (robert C. Garceau) (robert C. Garceau)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 16:02:09 -0700
Subject: satellite (TVI)
Message-ID: <32729871.68B9 at>

Started to work in the SSB WW and my next door neighbor is
complaining of TVI through his satellite system.  Been on the air
and running in this neighborhood for 15 years and no complaints.

Anyone out there run into that type of problem?  If so, got any 
suggestions.  I don't think he knows its me yet.  Only picks up
bits and pieces of my ssb transmission.  Only running 100 watts to
a tribander about 150 feet from him.

Answer direct to my e-mail address pleas.  Bobgar at

>From aixxo004 at (Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5)  Sun Oct 27 09:07:17 1996
From: aixxo004 at (Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5) (Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5)
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 02:07:17 -0700 (GMT)
Subject: FL2100B
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.961027020343.19025A-100000 at cmu>

 Can someone give me the spec of this Yaesu FL2100B linear amp? I now can 
 hook it to my TS450S but I don't know how to tune it up.Can help me?

 Log around the clock!!

>From rwerner at (Robert Werner, Jr.)  Sat Oct 26 21:41:14 1996
From: rwerner at (Robert Werner, Jr.) (Robert Werner, Jr.)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 16:41:14 -0400
Subject: Little guns revisited
Message-ID: < at>

I don't know anymore.  I think entering contests for me is a thing of the
past.  I used to enjoy contest, but anymore it's:  Let's see how much power,
people and antenna, I can use to beat the other guy..

Where's the fun?  Where's the QRP stations?  Why does it seem my signal
stops at the end of my coax?

I live in a subdivision that has no antenna restrictions, however, not
wanting to upset my neighbors with a huge antenna array, plus a lack of real
money, I only have a mosley ta33jr up 32'.  I can and will only run 100
watts into this antenna.  Add to that an 80 meter dipole that is only up
about 30', and you have my "antenna farm."

I realize I can't run with the big dogs, so should I just stay on the porch?  
While wearing my voice out on the CQ WW DX contest this weekend, I thought,
is it really worth it?  Can a little pistol survive in a sea of 1500 watters?

Maybe its time for a contest for us little guys.  

PS> Look for me in November Sweeps.  Yes, I am a glutten for punishment.

Bob Werner KC4URW  Advanced class and proud of it!
Bob Werner
rwerner at

>From sergiobg at (Sergio Botelho Guimaraes)  Sat Oct 26 23:48:03 1996
From: sergiobg at (Sergio Botelho Guimaraes) (Sergio Botelho Guimaraes)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 20:48:03 -0200 (BRD)
Subject: PT7SD's Web site
Message-ID: <199610262248.UAA05329 at>

73 Sergio PT7SD

Please visit my web site <http://www.geocities/com/CapeCanaveral/6202>
and let me know how to improve it. There you will find info on CECW - Clube de CW do Ceara, membership list, awards, links. Also there are several pages presenting  The Rotary Club de Fortaleza - Alagadico activies and its Rescue of Life program.Hams and Rotarians are much alike when comes to help the needed.
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>From rocker at (Ray Rocker)  Sun Oct 27 00:01:07 1996
From: rocker at (Ray Rocker) (Ray Rocker)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 18:01:07 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Little guns revisited
Message-ID: <199610262301.SAA21124 at>

> I realize I can't run with the big dogs, so should I just stay on the porch? 
> While wearing my voice out on the CQ WW DX contest this weekend, I thought,
> is it really worth it?  Can a little pistol survive in a sea of 1500 watters?
> Maybe its time for a contest for us little guys.  

The North American QSO Parties are just what the doctor ordered.
Give 'em a try.

> PS> Look for me in November Sweeps.  Yes, I am a glutten for punishment.

I'll be there too with bells on but no amplifier. (and a different call)

                Ray Rocker * WQ5L * rocker at
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Ocean Springs MS / Pass Christian MS / Mobile AL *

>From 0005543629 at (David & Barbara Leeson)  Sun Oct 27 01:36:00 1996
From: 0005543629 at (David & Barbara Leeson) (David & Barbara Leeson)
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 96 19:36 EST
Subject: Vanity Gate 2
Message-ID: <25961027003652/0005543629DC3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Gee, I feel like the protagonist in Ibsen's "The Enemy of the People"!

Paul, KS1G, posts a packet message that "...due to the actions of Dr. David 
Leeson, W6QHS and David Siddall, K3ZJ, the processing of the (Vanity Gate 2) 
applications has been delayed until further notice."

What a grinch I must be!  So what's the real story here, anyway?

I'd heard some sad stories of folks who were concerned their applications 
might have gone astray.  Although I got my cancelled check back, I don't have 
any way to be sure my application is in the data base, and like you I'd be 
really disappointed if it weren't.  On October 4, I made the following 
observation (not a petition or request):

"It occurs to me that it would be excellent to post a list of the calls of 
those in the lottery data base (note: not the calls they are applying for), 
say on the web page for a couple of days after the keying-in process is 
complete, so that anyone who submitted a 610V that somehow got lost in the 
mail or internal processing would have an opportunity to make themselves 
known before the lottery proceeds without them.  I know there is time 
pressure to complete the job, but a brief period to correct any errors would 
be a great comfort to those involved, and would preclude later screams of 
pain from those who were somehow left out when they thought they had filed 

The whole vanity process seems reasonably planned and executed, including 
the approach of keying in the data twice to catch errors.  Since this is both 
a first time and also a "once-and-only", I wanted to recommend an excess of 
caution to close the entire loop, say over a weekend so it doesn't add 
working days to the process, rather than risk the grief of answering even a 
few folks who did everything they were supposed to do but somehow missed out.

Since this was in no way a formal petition, it'd be fine with me if the FCC 
staff were to say, "Thanks for the thought, it just won't play or we just 
can't do it".  But apparently the FCC folks thought it was worth at least 
considering, since of course once the button is pushed and the calls are 
published, it would be a real mess (no doubt impossible) to reverse the call 
assignments to respond to someone's valid complaint.

If an idea like this has any merit, you can't very well implement it after 
the fact.  I certainly didn't put it out with the intent of upsetting people, 
and even if the FCC staff decided to consider the idea it shouldn't add undue 
time to the process unless it were to turn up the problems it would be 
intended to catch.  My apologies if my question has caused you disappointment 
in getting your new call quickly.  After nearly a half-century with mine, I'm 
just as eager to see the results.

73 de Dave, W6QHS

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