Mosley vs Force 12

Danny Mees on7nq at
Sun Oct 27 19:44:43 EST 1996

Hello contesters/dx=B4ers

Don=B4t know if it=B4s ok to use this reflector for this matter...Have=20
also send this question to the Dx-reflector but seems like VE7TCP is

I=B4m currently using a Mosley PRO67B on a 52ft self-supporting tower
with a home made HAZER look-a-like elevation system.
The 67B has been in service for 2 years now and tested under heavy
conditions.I bought the 67B because it was the only 6 bander on the=20
market and had some good comments from US contesters/dx=B4ers.
Probably I talked to the wrong guys cause can=B4t say I=B4m entirely=20
satisfied with the 67B.Mechanicly it=B4s a beauty but experienced a lack
of gain and F/B..
On 12&17 the 3 elements hardly work any better than a dipole (tested=20
with a local ham)

Last year I received a 94/95 Force12 catalog and looks like they are on
the wright track..Lightweight elements and NO traps..
Unfortunatly they don=B4t seem to have real substitude for the 67B.I=B4ve=
looked at the 5BA but has no 40M..guess my tower won=B4t handle a 40m
beam on top of the 5BA..than I found the C4-XL.

Now on to the question(s)..
Has anyone made the change from a Mosley PRO67B to a Force 12 C4-XL ?
If so what was the diffrence in performance and how well does the=20
C4-XL work on 40m and WARC ? Knowing that an ATU is needed on WARC.
Also like to know the spacing between the center of the boom and the
first element left/right from the mast-to-boom connection.
Enough spacing is required to be able to lower the beam with=20

Pse reply direct to on7nq at
Will post summary if someone is interested.

          TNX in advance..!

                73 de ON7NQ Danny    on7nq at

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