No, not that K7UP !!

fabers at fabers at
Mon Oct 28 07:18:13 EST 1996

Here I have been doing the SS CW since they started the PINS thing and I
still have not cracked 1K QSOs or placed in top 3 in section.  An in depth
analysis results in a top ten list of why this is so.  But I will discount
reasons such as inability to copy over 30 WPM, lack of big beams, running low
power, QTH Miami with a 7 call, lack of skill etc and focus on reason number
one - K7UP
Innocent though he may appear to be, and think that he is, K7UP is the major
cause of my lack of QSOS in SS.
Yes, I am thoroughly convinced that many, many SS OPS hear my frantic CQ but
ignore it.  And many hear me come back to them, but answer somebody else. So
please, if you are in SS and hear K7U or even K7UP, don't stop there!  And
don't turn your beam to 7 land!  And don't call at 35+ WPM because you know
K7UP is a super operator!
(and no, I am NOT going to change my call after 34 years!) 

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