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Mon Sep 30 23:00:12 EDT 1996

I need a source for whatever is used to decode information encoded in
something called MIME. My local BBS didn't seem to recognize this as a
"search" word.  I have faint rcollection of having heard the word before
(about the time UUE showed up).

Please send msg direct to me at jastaples at aol.com.

OH YES, this is contest related email... I seem to have the UBA results for
my NCJ column but can't unscramble it.


Joe, W5ASP

>From nortonr at mrd.srl.dsto.defence.gov.au (Norton, Richard)  Tue Oct  1 20:39:00 1996
From: nortonr at mrd.srl.dsto.defence.gov.au (Norton, Richard) (Norton, Richard)
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 96 13:39:00 CST
Subject: Significant Changes Can Take Place in Radio Contests
Message-ID: <32519905 at msmail.dsto.defence.gov.au>

A significant change in radio contests has taken place over the last 25 
years. Today, correctly copying and logging the callsigns of the stations 
worked is considered to be necessary to receive contact credit in many 

I attribute this change to the fact that a large majority of serious contest 
participants now agree that logging calls correctly makes the contests more 

Twenty-five years ago, copying accuracy was not demanded. DX Contest logs 
were often received where 25 to 50 percent of calls were not logged 
correctly. For example, the editorial in July/August 1996 NCJ mentions an 
1970's NCJ article by operators of one of the most prominent USA multi-multi 
stations. They "matter-of-factly" reported their own JA logging error rate 
to be 17 percent.

A number of us West Coast operators still remember incidents such as the 
"winner" of one of the medium-level contests announcing , in a post-contest 
round table, "When I get two of the three letters of a JA's suffixes right, 
that's close enough."

Thirty years ago, it was not too hard to join the inaccurate-loggers. They 
were a reasonable number of them, and their victories were lauded in the 
magazines. Things started to change in the early 1970's.

 About 10 years ago, logging accuracy studies were performed using personal 
computers and reported at Visalia and Dayton. The results opened the eyes of 
many, and were welcomed and appreciated by most. Public opinion supported 
and encouraged accurate logging.

There was considerable dissent, some of it expressed in the NCJ.  There was 
talk about taking the fun out of contesting. Comments were made such as, "I 
log what I hear, and  that should be good enough."

Meaningfulness of the contests has generally won out over fun and "higher" 
scores. Rewarding inaccurate logging is a thing of the past in many 

A few of the old fun-and-lots-of-stuff-in-the-log crowd have dropped out, 
but most have adapted. Now, they simply work a little harder, to get the 
calls right. They had the ability, and it's really not that hard. Today, 
there is less behind-the-scene griping about, and more respect for, reported 
contest winners.

Inaccurate logging required less skill and less effort. However, this type 
of contest-operating degraded the achievements of those who actually 
developed and exercised operating skills.

Meaningful achievement is a good ingredient for any SPORT or GAME, such as 
radio contesting. Changing contesting to require accurate, meaningful 
logging was good. Other changes that encourage meaningful achievement in 
contesting are desirable.


Dick Norton, N6AA/VK5

N6AA at contesting.com
>From hflasher at dayton.net (Harry Flasher)  Tue Oct  1 20:59:36 1996
From: hflasher at dayton.net (Harry Flasher) (Harry Flasher)
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 12:59:36 -0700
Subject: Grenada Trip Member had to Cancel-replacement Need (CQ WW SSB)
Message-ID: <32517828.77AE at dayton.net>

I have received word that Simone, IV3NVN will not be able to make the 
trip to Grenada for the CQ WW SSB Contest.  We would like to find a 
replacement as this leaves the group at six ops.  We plan to be in 
multi-multi class.

The operating site is about 700 feet above sea level about 3/4 miles from 
water line.  It is at the National Relief Emergency Operating Center.
Assuming our recent shipment gets there OK, we will have mono band beams 
10-40, 80 vertical and 160 inverted V.  12/17 & 6 meter beams are 
available for before/after times.

For those with serious interest please contact me at 937-434-9616; if 
busy try 434-1616.

73  Harry   W8KKF  J37K   J3A(contest call)

>From veta at lanet.lv (YL2KL)  Tue Oct  1 18:31:10 1996
From: veta at lanet.lv (YL2KL) (YL2KL)
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 17:31:10 +0000
Subject: (Fwd) Latvian Amateur Radio Web-site
Message-ID: <199610011535.RAA12147 at apse.lanet.lv>

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
Date:          Tue, 01 Oct 1996 17:22:36 -0700
From:          Gunnars Edmunds Postnieks <postnieks at acad.latnet.lv>
Organization:  Latvia Telecommunication State Inspection
To:            hq at arrl.org, equinox at itl.net, veta at lanet.lv, vbook at vbook.com,
               johnny.larsson at boden.mail.telia.com, neader at centuryinter.net,
               nsyslaw at acs.ncsu.edu, jukka at clinet.fi, oskars at acad.latnet.lv,
               flloyd at qrz.com, serge at yl2mu.cs.llu.lv, yl2gkb at linux.cs.dpu.lv
Subject:       Latvian Amateur Radio Web-site

Dear Sirs,

You may be interested to learn about a new web-site "Ham Radio Latvia" 

It focuses on Amateur Radio in my country: licensing, call-sign system, 
repeaters, amateur privileges, the radio amateur examination, the 
national amateur organisation...



Gunnars Postnieks, YL2PG

>From woffutt at davinci.netaxis.com (wallace offutt)  Tue Oct  1 19:47:11 1996
From: woffutt at davinci.netaxis.com (wallace offutt) (wallace offutt)
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 14:47:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Information Available
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.3.93.961001143232.351A-100000 at davinci.netaxis.com>

RE: Information Available 

In connection with my candidacy for Vice Director of the New England
Division of the ARRL, I have established a homepage containing information
on two topics which have had attention on this reflector recently: 

1.  The FASC, the WRC-99 Planning Committee and the Morse Code.  This
issue has not gone away!  Read what no-code licensing has meant for Japan
and what it could mean for the rest of the world.

2.  The state of the amateur equipment market and how the Japanese
manufacturers have been doing.  During my most recent trip to Japan I
obtained the financial filings of the five leading amateur equipment
producers (they are public companies) and I have summarized their sales
and earnings and other data of interest.  They've been seeing a lot of red
at Kenwood, ICOM and Yaesu Musen. 

This information and more may be found at www.larax.com/k8hvt.  If you
have trouble reading the tables, let me know and I'll e-mail them directly
to you.


Hal Offutt, K8HVT/7J1AAI
Darien, Connecticut

>From 0007359114 at mcimail.com (Bill Straw)  Tue Oct  1 21:56:00 1996
From: 0007359114 at mcimail.com (Bill Straw) (Bill Straw)
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 96 15:56 EST
Message-ID: <61961001205616/0007359114PJ1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

  I just got home after a 9 day business trip, and after
scanning through 600 postings I need to comment on 2

   1) I'm somewhat sheepish after making the Zone 4 Top
Ten boxes in the CQWW SSB AND CW, and finding out it was
at the expense of a left out more deserving operator.
Being left out has happened to me, and my response has
been to avoid a big entry/log submission in that test.

   2) The packet cheating isn't surprising. Two hams called
me on the phone after CQWWCW to tell me that my competition
had connected to their packet cluster several times during
the weekend, and had declared themselves to be SO.

     I don't have a solution to this problem, but what does
concern me is the chance an innocent could be tarnished.
I scored 1M+ in the CQWWCW almost all S&P. Except for a JA
run on 80 and 40, I answered CQing DX stations for all my
QSOes (900+). Well, packet spots are simply listings of
DX stations calling CQ. I'm sure there must be some
coincidental relationship to some spots and my QSOes, esp
if the packet reporting station is 3khz higher than me
and we're both working our way from 7.001 to 7.050. I only
have Internet clusters here, so hopefully my log would not
be compared to a private East Coast cluster and my score
tossed out.

73 BILL WB0OOOOOOOOOO   (The perfect 2X10 call, I'll keep it)

>From psoper at encore.com (Pete Soper)  Tue Oct  1 22:04:05 1996
From: psoper at encore.com (Pete Soper) (Pete Soper)
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 17:04:05 EDT
Subject: Amplifier advice needed (Summary)
Message-ID: <8065.9610012104 at earl.encore.com>

I asked the reflector and some local friends:

>I'm shopping for an amplifier for contest use 2-3 times a year
>(i.e. away from home station). 600-800 watts and switchable 110/220
>operation are desirable.  I recently found a Dentron GLA-1000 
>advertised on the net for $350 including new tubes. Have those of you 
>who have used this amp been satisfied? Is $350 a fair price? Can you 
>suggest alternatives?

Thanks very much for the timely info and advice:
WN3K and WP2S.

       I don't know anything about the Dentron, but believe it uses 
sweep tubes. If so, it's OK for casual use, but you may be pushing 
your luck running it in a contest.
       I owned a Dentron GLA1000 and I have to tell you it was the
worst amp I ever owned.  Its a poorly built piece of junk that uses
sweep television tubes with weak power output and distortion.  If
you can get 400 watts out of it you will be LUCKY and thats with 
brand new tubes.  The tubes are VERY hard to find and if you do
happen to get them they will run over $60 each.  I put 4 brand new
Radio Shack lifetime tubes in mine and it barely put out 350 watts.
It was a nightmare to tune, very touchy.  I ended up selling it
for $200 with the old tubes that only put out 150 watts.  The best
amp I ever owned was a Collins 30L1 with 4 811A Sovenia tubes that
only cost $90 for the 4 matched pair set from RF Concepts.  The amp
put out 850-1000 watts and ran perfect all the time.  Tuneup was
a snap, by the numbers.  Don't waste your time with a Dentron, when
for about $500 you can pick up a nice Collins and get a real amp
that uses transmitting tubes and not tv sweep tubes.
I have had a gla-1000 for about forever. It is small and has always worked
good for me. used it in alot of contests, even rtty at reduced power
levels. It don't put out lots of big power...500 watts with most 100
watt rigs. Looks like it would take 120 watts to power it to full
output. Very sinple circuit. No alc. I would think they should sell
for about 200 bucks max.  New only cost $350. Hope this helps.
My favorite in that power class is a Collins 30L-1.  You can find them for
as little as $400 but usually they are priced slightly higher.  On the other
hand, you have Collins Quality.  I have two of them, one for at my summer
place, and one at home to augment my higher power amps.  
Avoid the GLA-1000   -- not a clean sig amp.

Better and about same price:
AL-80 A  or   B
Yaesu FL-2100 B or other letter.
Clipperton L
Drake L-4B or L-7 (or its one 3-500Z little brother).
maybe Heath SB-200 if well built -- look for cold solder joints (i.e., not
shiny solder joints).
The GLA-1000 came in three models, the GLA-1000C has 160 - 10 with a tuned
input circuit, the 1000b and the 1000 just cover 80-10.  You should be able
to buy that amp with fairly good tubes for $200 to 250 and no more than that.

My amp of choice is the Dentron Clipperton L, it covers 160 - 10, runs four
572's and works on 110 or 220 volts.  Cabinet size is 7" x 14" x 14" and is
not to heavy 42 lbs.  You should be able to find this amp for $400 to $500
depending on condition.  It runs 
2000 watts pep on ssb and 1000 watts dc input on cw, rtty and sstv.

It has a high low power setting switch and nice meter.

Best amp for the price on the used market as far as I am concerned.  I have a
rig set up in my apt. here in Chicago and I use the Clipperton L here, I have
the GLA 1000c and it is okay except that the sweep tubes are very sensitive.
             In the $350 price range I think you 
would be better off with a Heath SB-200.  Better
components and final tubes are easier/cheaper to 
(In response to additional question)
Yes. I think the clipperton is a viable option. You need to add an
overhead fan to pull air from the top- in addition to the existant one.

(About tube types)
If the price was right, I would prefer to see you acquire an amp
using two 3-500ZG's. The SB220 is a winner, but must be modified
for 160.
(By phone) 
If you're going to use an amp, more power is better. The Clipperon-L is 
excellent, so is the Yaesu FL2100B (pair of 572b tubes). You'll find that 
trying to run on 110 volts isn't very practical and many amps won't run at 
all on a regular 15 ampere service.  Expect to go with a 220v supply.
DONTTTTTTT!!!!! buy it !
It will NOT stand up to use in cw mode at all.  I had one in th 80s and went
through many tubes. It is way overpriced also.
Look for a Heath SB-200 that will honk along at better output and has better
tubes.  I have also seen sb220 221s for around 400-500 bucks (around 1kw honest
out all day long)
I would NOT touch the GLA unless you plan ssb only tests.

My two cents
My criteria for an amp is the same as yours.  I don't want a rock crusher,
and I want something portable.  The GLA series were fun, but they can blow a
tube very quickly.  I would looke for something like a Ameritron AL-80A or B
model.  I like the "A" model better.  Or a Heath SB-1000.  Look for the ten
meter mod too.
Those use 1 3-500Z and are very portable.

Cranks out 800 watts on CW and 1000 PEP on SSB

What ever you do...have fun....
Though certainly a "low tech" alternative, I've gotten great use from a used
Ameritron AL-811.  Picked it up for $275 off the packet cluster network.  It
puts out 500-600 watts without any problem at all.  Seems pretty much
indestructible and if it breaks, its easy to fix, nothing really to it.  An
811 tube costs under $20 (mine came with a replacement set thrown in!).

I've taken the amp down to my contest station on St. Croix and just left it
there.  It comes wired for 110 but can be used on 220.  At the price I
picked it up for it made no sense to keep hauling my "home" amp back and
forth to the Virgin Islands.

At home I use a AL-80A which you can pick up for $600 used.  Also no
problems, easy kilowatt, easy to fix, uses a $125 tube, goes both 110 and
220.  I can't kill it (and I've certainly tried!)

Ameritron's are not very pretty but I can't see where you can go wrong at
the used price.

(Followup about AL811's power capability)

I run that AL811 at closer to 700 watts than 500 (according to my Autek watt
meter)!  I don't hook up the ALC line but do make sure I keep both grid and
plate well below the red zones on the meters.  I normally still get peak
wattages above what's the rated full power.  I make sure I stay linear and
don't splatter.  Reports on my audio are excellent.  That little amp doesn't
complain at all.  On CW I do keep it down to rated peak power, I figure 500
watts on CW is almost always enough.

My point is, lets say you burn a set of tubes up twice as fast as normal.
So?  The tubes are so cheap it doesn't matter!  A new set is about $50.

Good little amp, no hassels.
Ten-Tec has just come out with a brand new 3 tube 811A
amplifier called the Centaur.  It is featured in a full page ad
in the Oct 96 QST.  It is much heavier duty construction
than the Ameritron amp and it comparably priced. 
KY2P, employee of Ten-Tec 
You will be hard pressed to get that kind of power out of a GLA-1000.
It uses sweep tubes, which will quickly get soft in contest use.
You need to find an old SB-220, or something similar.
I have a GLA1000B-had it since 1979 and it is a great little amp-I replaced the final caps once.
Only problem is the tubes-6LQ6s go for $40 per although a hunt at fleamarkets may turn some
up for less than that-

The price seems a little high-they go for $200-$300CDN up here
Try to find an AL-80A by Ameritron. (not the B model)

Great amp, single 3-500Z, 115 & 220 Vac, stout and very realiable.

The amp has a tuned grid input so it is really a good match with the
solid state radios.

With "good" to "excellent" tube, will do 900 watts to 1KW out with 
~80 to 85 watts drive.

Have used many different types of amps over the years and have Henrys on
bands except 160M... there I use a homebrew pair of 4-1000s. The AL-80A
is what
I use when I'm away from home.

If the xyl and I are at the lake or in the motorhome we always use the

Price for a clean used one, around here anyway, gos for $550.00 to
I'm attaching a file that appeared on the reflector some time ago, with
[URL: http://www.qth.com/ka9fox/dxpedition_amp.txt]
suggestions for just such amplifiers. My vote is AGAINST the sweep-tube
amps, as those tubes are (1) delicate, (2) hard to find, and (3)
expensive. I've heard nothing but positive things about the Ameritron
AL-811 (3x811A) . . . one guy even wrote, "If I blow a tube, I just pull
it out and continue with the ones that are left." Give Joe, K8JP
(palooka at pyrotechnic.com) an email if he doesn't respond to your
question. He drags his AL-811 all over. I own an AL-811H, like it a lot,
and am planning on taking it with me on trips. Your next best bet, IMHO,
is an SB-200.
I recently purchased a like new Ameritron AL-811amplifier for about the same
price you're mentioning and have seen others advertised from time to time. I
took mine to VP5 for ARRL  DX CW this year and finished with a 5th Place
world. It's light weight, switchable input voltage (for 220 mains), does 160-10
(including WARC), drives with 50 Watts, weight about 34 pounds, and a
replacement tube set is available (which I carry with me) for about $45!  What
more can I can I say. Oh, it does 600 Watts easily and I can't see the extra
expense for the AL-811H that does 800 Watts. To travel, I open it up, take the
tubes out, wrap them, then put 'em back in. I have a big label on top to remind
me to remove the shipping wrap! Also, it is still in production and supported
by a good and functional manufacturer.

I'm buying the one amp I could find that meets my budget and got 
consistently good reviews: a Clipperton-L.


>From tziaka%cytanet.com.cy at TGV.COM (Andreas Tsiakkouris)  Tue Oct  1 23:19:41 1996
From: tziaka%cytanet.com.cy at TGV.COM (Andreas Tsiakkouris) (Andreas Tsiakkouris)
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 00:19:41 +0200
Message-ID: <9610012219.AA08706 at platon.cytanet.com.cy>

>Date: Sun, 01 Oct 1995 05:12:23
>To: cq-contest at tgv.com
>From: Andreas Tsiakkouris <tziaka at cytanet.com.cy>
>Subject: CQ WW SSB TEST
>Hi all,
>I am pleased to announce my participation in the CQ WW DX SSB contest as
"C40M" in the All band low power category.
>Hpe to meet you all and I am sure we will enjoy as always a wonderful weekend!
>73's es gd DX
>Stavros Tsiakkouris (5B4AFM, ex-5B8AA)

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