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Sun Sep 1 20:10:22 EDT 1996

Ways back when I was young WA1 and all-ears to contesting's glamour and
strategy - including the single sideband stuff, there were two competitive
stations in our club who had very similar callsigns. 

They had to agree as to the phonetics the would use in contests so that when
both were in the same pileup they would know who the DX station had came back

The memory has started to fail me, but I know these guys still are out and
about with way different callsigns these days...I believe both of them
frequent this reflector however.

I think the agreed pact was that they were:



Perhaps I have them switched around/or mixed up - but it was a necessity for
these two on several weekends a year!

JIm, zx

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Subject: WARNING! Re: Summary: Tower Help
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Charles H. Harpole wrote:
> What is you-all's luck with cold galvinizing spray paint???  de K4VUD

Cold Galv spray paint is no better than regular paint.  True hot-dipped 
galvanizing will cause the material to last between 10 - 40 years, 
depending upon your ambient condx.  ie, for mine (residential suburban), 
the chart shows 30 years life (defined as 95% rust free).  If you're 
going to put up a piece of structural steel, you'd like for it to last a 
long time.  A steel mast you can always replace if necessary.

Bill, N3RR

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