hard drive crash (fwd)

k4sb at avana.net k4sb at avana.net
Mon Sep 9 21:18:34 EDT 1996

Gibson Research Corp. offers a program called "Spinright" which is
specifically designed to recover data from damaged disks, ect. However,
you need a working drive.So have the drive repaired if you think it's
the electronics, ( which it might not be ) If you have in fact had a
real crash,  I would really suggest you pay the $350 or so
and have a professional outfit do it. Or else write it off. A new Seagate
with tons of space will only cost you a little more than half that.


Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb at avana.net
Date: 9/9/96
Time: 8:18:34 PM

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Thanks a lot for all the good input ranging from who to buy from and
one who offered to build me one at a great price.  

I played around with my DX Solutions box and worked the first time since
I dug it out of storage.  I believe the original problem was a power

Anyways it worked great with CT, FlexPac and DXWIN.  The nice thing
about this box is that it works with all rigs (Kenwood, Yeasu, Icom and
Ten Tec) just by changing the jumpers in the box.  Now I only wish
I ordered the cables for the other rigs.

If the DX Solutions guy is listening let me know if you have any
extra cables or the 2 radio version still available.

See you in the contests this fall!!!


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