Cable Attenuation Question

Zack Widup w9sz at
Tue Sep 10 09:39:30 EDT 1996

>> This is a word Problem.
>> If I have a 150 Feet of RG-9913, which the charts say should have
>> a loss of 1.2 dB per 100 Feet at 28MHz. And I put 100 Watts of power
>> into the coax, how much power should I expect to see at the other end?
>> Thanks, Jack, KA8D
>The answer is 75 watts (I'm not so smart; this from a little program on
>73 de Jeff WA2SYN
>js at 

I get 66 watts out for 150 feet from my hand calculator. I get 75 watts 
out for 100 feet of coax.

Is this a new form of CONTEST?   :-)

Zack W9SZ


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