160m spark gap contest station

David Robbins ky1h at berkshire.net
Fri Sep 13 23:52:50 EDT 1996

George Cutsogeorge wrote:
> can build up to damaging levels.  The easy way to do this is with one or more
> carbon resistors from each floating line to ground.  Almost any value that can
> transmitter output.  Something like a 2.5 mHy rf choke will work.
> I don't think the static charge will damage coax as it will normally arc
> somewhere outside of the dielectric.

>     > 1. Should I make an big inductor and attatch it to the feedpoint of the
>     > wire vertical
>     > and ground the other end to drain this static charge?
>     >

I just leave the 1/4wave shorted stub (harmonic filter) across the
antenna line and disconnect the amp 'just in case'.  the shorted stub
does an excellent job of stopping the arcing and also performs other
work, unlike a special resistor or coil to drain it.

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From: apmeyer at ix.netcom.com (ALEX A.P. MEYER) (ALEX A.P. MEYER)
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 16:24:01 -0700
Subject: Need Help.
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I need a adress for YU1RL or his E-Maill adress.


I need the E-Maill adress for YT1AD.

Thanks es DX..........ALEX...............WB6AFJ

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