CQ Contest VR2/VS6

David David at aslin.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 16 21:47:23 EDT 1996

OOps! For HK read Hong Kong (hence VR2/VS6 in subject line)

Sorry for confusion/bandwidth

Dave G3WGN

> CQ any/all HK contest/DX minded hams.
> I'll be in HK for 4 days from Sunday 22nd September with XYL for vacation.
> Looking for recommendations for places to see on our first visit and if you've 
> time, swap DX/Contest yarns over a beer.
> What say?
> 73
> Dave
> DX is ...     80M contesting
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>From sm3bdz at pobox.com (Lars Harlin)  Tue Sep 17 06:33:47 1996
From: sm3bdz at pobox.com (Lars Harlin) (Lars Harlin)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 07:33:47 +0200
Subject: 80m 4-square owners...
Message-ID: <199609170533.HAA09375 at www.itz.se>

Hi all!

I ve been using a 4-sq array with elevated radials for three years now. It s a very simple design all made by wires in the trees. The radiators are "almost" vertical and I have 3 elevated radials at each radiator, elevated abt 4 mtrs above ground. I m using hybrid-
coupler for -90 degrees and a halfwave section of coax for -180. At first I had a toroid transformer for
-180, but I found that the phasedelay were closer to
160 than 180 deg. The transformer also affected the
hybrid coupler so that it was not possible to get a perfect -90 delay! F/B improved quite a bit after the

Talking about efficiency, I mean that there are two
kinds. RADIATION-efficiency and REFLECTION-
efficiency. To benefit from both I guess that there
is no substitute for 100 radials, elevated or
on the ground.

Still, as I ve no room for 100 radials I use elevated
radials so that I at least can get good RADIATION
efficiency, and I must say that so far it s the best
antenna I ve had for 80!

73 s de Lars / SM3BDZ

>From je1cka at dumpty.nal.go.jp (Takao KUMAGAI)  Tue Sep 17 13:14:46 1996
From: je1cka at dumpty.nal.go.jp (Takao KUMAGAI) (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 21:14:46 +0900
Subject: JIDX '96 LF CW result are now available
Message-ID: <199609171214.VAA13660 at dumpty.nal.go.jp>

To Fellow contesters

We are pleased to announce that the Japan International DX contest 
'96 Low Band CW result are now available.

Please send an email to;
jidx-info at dumpty.nal.go.jp

with the following command in the body of the message;
#get jidx96lfcw.dx
(do not forget to add "#" before "get")

Past results and current rule are also available at above email 
server, send the following commands ;
#get index

If you have any problem, let me know.
	JIDX contest committee chairman
	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	Internet: je1cka at nal.go.jp
	TEL:81-30-066-6408, FAX:81-423-93-4449
	P O Box 22, Mitaka, Tokyo 181, Japan

>From weinfurtner at ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu (Greg Weinfurtner)  Tue Sep 17 12:40:40 1996
From: weinfurtner at ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu (Greg Weinfurtner) (Greg Weinfurtner)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 08:40:40 -0300
Subject: 160 tx antenna ideas wanted
Message-ID: <v03007801ae643bf903c6@[]>

>Howdy all....I am currently trying to find some ideas and comments on
>antennas used for 160.  I live in regular city lot which limits me from
>stringing huge antennas. My main purpose for this antenna would be
>contesting and dx-ing. I've been considering the inverted L  or maybe some
>other form of verticle. Any comments and ideas would be very helpful.
>			Thanks
>			Dave Eagle (KB8NNU)
>			E-Mail: kb8nnu at cris.com

Hi Dave,
	There are lots of designs for transmitting antennas.  Of course,
higher and bigger with as good as a ground as you can get, always seems to
be the 'ground' rule (Pun intended...!)  That's about it for a transmitting

	One thing that is often overlooked is a seperate receiving antenna.
160 meter verticals seem to be great gathering devices for noise.  Yes,
they sure work transmitting but receiving with one is another story.  I've
found that a receiving antenna is a great investment!  I have a loop that
is made of coax and has a little capacitor for tuning at the base.  The
size is about a 5 foot on-a-side square that I set in the back yard.

	What makes it so great is it has the ability to null out noise and
other junk that  makes signals hard to copy.  Just rotate it till the noise
dissapears.  It is a very quiet antenna.

	There are many articles describing the design.  If you can't find
one and want to persue this, just drop me a line and I'll do my best to
send you a copy of the article.

73 es CU on 160 de NS8O

>From floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd)  Tue Sep 17 12:47:24 1996
From: floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd) (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 08:47:24 -0300
Subject: NA SPRINT SSB 96 Scores I
Message-ID: < at interpath.com>

Raw Scores

Compiled by
>> WA4ZXA <<
floydjr at interpath.com

Date Posted: 09/17/96

CALL                  SCORE       QSO'S        MULTIS

High Power

N3BB  (AA5RB)        13,916        284           49
WB0O                 13,475        275           49
KB5YVT               10,105        215           47
N6HC                 10,105        215           47
KJ6HO                 8,904        212           42
KM0L                  8,464        184           46
KC6CNV                8,404        191           44
W9NQ                  5,658        138           41
AE0M                  5,412        123           43
WN3K                  3,468        102           34
AB6FO                 2,790         90           31
KQ4HC                 2,070         69           30

Low Power

KN4RI                 5,371        131           41
WA0I                  5,226        134           39
WK6V                  5,166        126           41
N1PBT                 4,551        123           37
K3CR  (KB3AFT)        4,218        114           37
KF9YH                 4,176        116           36
KC4QFR                3,196         94           34
KY2P                  1,032         43           24

LOGS!!                                           ^^^ 

If you did not state what power you were running I put you in High Power.
If that is wrong just emial me and I will change it.

73's Jim
           * Jimmy R. Floyd  (Jim)   Thomasville, NC                *
           *                                                        *
           * Amateur Call:              >> WA4ZXA <<                *
           * Packet Node:               >> N4ZC <<                  *
           * Internet Address:          >> floydjr at interpath.com << *

>From leduc at atla3.agfa.com (Dave LeDuc)  Tue Sep 17 13:14:09 1996
From: leduc at atla3.agfa.com (Dave LeDuc) (Dave LeDuc)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 96 08:14:09 EDT
Subject: Cute Contesting Story
Message-ID: <9609171214.AA19003 at chip.agfa.com>

We have all been frustrated trying to explain what goes on during a 
contest, to our spouse and family. On Saturday morning I attended a "YCCC 
Contest University" at N6BV's QTH during the WAE SSB contest. It was quite 
informative and I managed to pick up a number of pointers that will improve 
my score in future SSB contests. When we were through Dean presented us 
each with a tape recording of our work. So, when I got home I played the 
tape for my wife explaining to her what was going on. Most of the tape 
recording consisted of my voice calling CQ using N6BV's call with standard 
phonetics. After a few minutes she said. "Oh, so your next contest is 
November 6th?" 

Dave K1EPJ

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