Douglas L. Klein WD8AUB at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Sep 19 19:53:49 EDT 1996

With a long call like WD8AUB, I often wonder if it would be fun to have
a shorter call.  True, many people know me as a true Die Hard CW man. 
Others just know me.  And others ... well.  Anyway, they know me as
Doug, "AUB" or whatever.  It is a call I have had for 20 years.  You
know, like the other WD8 that everybody knows... WD8LLD.  Change calls? 

Yeah, why not!!!  I finally passed my extra last year.  I deserve to
reward myself.

What's the point of this message?  Ok, I will get right to it.

While writing in my call choices on the FCC form, I selected a couple
for nostalgic reasons.  In a twisted way, I hope that I get one of

Here are a few of them:

W9VW - the legend Hal Brooks old call.  May he rest in peace.
W4VW - same reason (Plus WD8LLD has W8VW as his first choice...
wouldn't        it be cool of we got W8VW and W4VW!!!)
K4AA - just one "V" away from the legend (any my hero) Dick Spenceley.
WD4KKN - Trey, are you listening.... hi hi

73, Doug ??4???  soon to be domiciled in Kentucky...

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Thu Sep 19 23:48:39 1996
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 12:48:39 -1000
Subject: Signature Date on Contest 610V
Message-ID: < at>

Many have counseled that Express Mail sent today or
on Friday will be date stamped in by the Mellon Bank
as Sept. 23rd,  opening date of Gate 2.  However,
the 610V forms asks us to date the application on
the date we sign the 610V form.  If I date the
application with today or tomorrow's date, ie,
19th or 20th,  will the app. be rejected?  Or
should I just go ahead and date it Sept. 23,  1996,
the opening day?

Typical question about a government form!

73,  Jim, AH6NB

>From Bill.Gallier.KQ4GC at (Billy R. Gallier)  Thu Sep 19 23:48:29 1996
From: Bill.Gallier.KQ4GC at (Billy R. Gallier) (Billy R. Gallier)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 22:48:29 +0000
Subject: where are articles on balloons?
Message-ID: <19960919224826.AAA26870 at LOCALNAME>

>Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 18:46:51
>To: thompson at (David L. Thompson)
>From: "Billy R. Gallier" <Bill.Gallier.KQ4GC at>
>Subject: Re: where are articles on balloons?
>At 08:24 PM 9/19/96 +0000, you wrote:
>>Several months ago there was a discussion on balloons/antennas.  Someone was
>>an archive of articles and I thought it was on the KA9FOX page, but there is
>>only one article
>>there.  Anyone know where the archive is?
>>Dave K4JRB
>>The idea was shelved since there is not enough hot air in the
>ham comunity.  de Bill

>From 0006008716 at (Doug Grant)  Fri Sep 20 00:27:00 1996
From: 0006008716 at (Doug Grant) (Doug Grant)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 96 18:27 EST
Subject: Work me in this weekend's contest...
Message-ID: <04960919232740/0006008716DC2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

...and you lose the QSO. I hereby announce that I will not be operating in
any contest this weekend. If you find my callsign in your log, be sure to
delete the QSO - I will *not* be on.

I am providing this information to be as helpful as all the people who are 
thinking that they will announce their planned operation in every contest
this season.

Please do not clog up the reflector with this sort of thing. IF we all do it,
we could bring the entire Net to its knees.


Doug  K1DG

p.s. I will also not be using my new vanity call this weekend. Nor my new
club call. Nor Fed-Xing anything to Mellon or the FCC.

p.p.s. Only 5 more weekends of preparation until a Real Contest (tm). Come on,
sunspots! 21.201 has grown cold and lonely these past few years...

>From k1jks at (William G Bithell)  Fri Sep 20 01:31:14 1996
From: k1jks at (William G Bithell) (William G Bithell)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 20:31:14 EDT
Subject: Need Astron RS-20 Power supply schematic.
References: <324151F6.32B at>
Message-ID: <19960920.002841.5479.0.K1JKS at>

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996 09:00:22 -0500 jend at (Gerard
Jendraszkiewicz) writes:
>I am in the process of getting my new shack ready for the upcomming
>contest season. I am using a Astron RS-20 for the power supply for the
>rig and it has a terrible RF problem on 40M. The power supply goes out
>of regulation and does other wierd things. 
>I am looking for a schematic for this supply so I can RF proof it 
>the contest season starts ! Can anyone out there help ??? A fax copy 
>ok or one by snail mail.
>Thanks in advance,
>Jerry, KE9I
>jend at

Hi Jerry,

I had the same problems with an Atron RS-35 and again with a Tripp 40Amp
supply.  These are generic supplies and not very immune to RF.

I did the following :
Installed a handfull of .01 bypass caps on the line input,
Pins 10,11,13 on the regulator chip , and the base of the pass transistor
.01 accross the output

Grounded the Negative terminal to the chassis.

This solved a very nasty RFI situation that destroyed me on 10M

I am told that the regulator chips are available in metal packages, that
offer better shielding than the plastic packages used in these supplies,
but never needed to find them,

I found that with my shack half way between my 40' high tribander and
ground that I needed to also improve my RF ground. The addition of
additional #6 CU wire  helped cool things down. That wide copper strap
that Polyphaser sells looks attractive (except for the high price) for
real ugly RF problems!

I also added a 20A 125V Line filter  and a set of MOV's (3 ea) on the
line input (for lightning/EMP)

GL, Bill...K1JKS

>fax 312-702-5863
>Attn: Gerard Jendraszkiewicz

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