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Fri Sep 20 09:02:02 EDT 1996

Hiya, Folks-

Does anybody know if there is a PED data file that will emulate the ARRL
DX contest from the DX side?

(On a side note, does anybody have a source for those "World's Greatest
XYL" certificates? She puts up with a lot during those CONTEST weekends).

Please reply via e-mail to save bandwidth.


Sean KF9PL (for just a bit longer)
Elkhart, IN USA 

>From wrt at (Bill Turner)  Fri Sep 20 13:42:20 1996
From: wrt at (Bill Turner) (Bill Turner)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 12:42:20 GMT
Subject: Need Astron RS-20 Power supply schematic.
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On Thu, 19 Sep 1996 09:00:22 -0500, Gerard Jendraszkiewicz wrote:

>I am in the process of getting my new shack ready for the upcomming
>contest season. I am using a Astron RS-20 for the power supply for the
>rig and it has a terrible RF problem on 40M. The power supply goes out
>of regulation and does other wierd things. 
>I am looking for a schematic for this supply so I can RF proof it before
>the contest season starts ! Can anyone out there help ??? A fax copy is
>ok or one by snail mail.
Several others have responded with suggestions about .01 caps, etc, but I
would suggest you think about why RF in such large amounts is getting into
your supply in the first place.  I suspect you have a serious unbalance in
your antenna system that is allowing RF to flow on the outside of your coax.
This usually shows up as "hot" mikes, chassis, etc.  The easiest fix is
usually a current-type balun in the coax near the antenna.  The second easiest
fix is to determine why the antenna is unbalanced in the first place.  Often
it's due to the physical position of the antenna with respect to surrounding

Whatever the cause, all that RF running around your shack is being pretty much
wasted.  RF is expensive to generate - don't waste it by heating up your power
supply components.

73, Bill W7LZP
wrt at

>From dave at (David Clemons)  Fri Sep 20 14:33:43 1996
From: dave at (David Clemons) (David Clemons)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 09:33:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Work me in this weekend's contest...
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Hi Doug,

	Well, I'm in the same boat as you.  I will not be working any 
contests this weekend because I will be spending a good portion of both 
days at my place of employment (which, after all, does pay better than 

	I gotta say that I was a little depressed about working through the 
second weekend in a row, until you posted your message.  Correct me if I 
am wrong, but doesn't this now mean that I will be tied with you for 
first place in the SNO category?  (SNO => Single NonOperator)  After all 
these years, who would have thought it possible?  Now all I have to do is 
figure out how to win in that category.  (Perhaps I have a moral victory 
of sorts - because I didn't use low power and you didn't use high power!)

73, Dave Clemons K1VUT

>From at TGV.COM (Igor E. Paltsev)  Fri Sep 20 11:22:13 1996
From: at TGV.COM (Igor E. Paltsev) (Igor E. Paltsev)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 13:22:13 +0300
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Hi all!
Does anybody know post or e-mail ADR for LZ-Contest-96 logs ?
Please, send on my e-mail.

egor at

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