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Sun Sep 22 10:27:06 EDT 1996

Without doubt callsigns are a BIG part of contesting....ask the WRTC teams
who were fortunate (?) to draw K6S/K6H and W6S/W6H how excited they were at
those picks!  

Sure we all do our best with what we were given, that is the essence of
contesting but more importantly when we find a way to enhance our performance
whether its a new antenna for receiving on the low bands, or a second rig we
take it - a new call - I would say the majority of contesters participating
in Gate 2 picks are not doing it for VANITY reasons

? - the ham formerly known as k1zx

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From: WX0B-JTERLESKI at (Jay Terleski) (Jay Terleski)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 08:28:41 -0500
Subject: ARRL club rules
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Jim Pratt wrote:
> Sorry to interrupt the Vanity Call discussion to bring up a CONTEST
> matter, but here goes anyway...
> For a great many years, I have been a member of the River City
> Contesters.  This is a "Local Club" per the rules of the ARRL, and this
> club has been very successful in winning local club gavels in ARRL contests.
> After the WRTC, I decided to rejoin the Norther California Contest Club,
> to provide them my support.  I was a member LONG ago, and left for
> various reasons.  One of the reasons I left was the inevitable mental
> wrangling that I had to go through to decide which club got my score in
> an ARRL contest.  When I was only a member of the RCC, it was no
> question.  Now that I have "dual citizenship" again, the calls (and
> problems) are already beginning...
> NCCC wants my score for CW Sweepstakes.  Now, this isn't REALLY a problem
> for me since I will be operating at W6GO, and he is not a member of the
> NCCC.  So, I can only give this score to the RCC.  BUT, certain NCCC
> folks are already gently twisting my arm to try and get W6GO to rejoin
> the NCCC so my big CW SS score can go for the NCCC.
> I read with dismay that the Contest Advisory Committee dropped a proposal
> that would have allowed for submitting a score for both a "local club" as
> well as an "unlimited club".  The rationale I have heard is that this
> rule would have encouraged the formation of "paper" local clubs, thus
> "harming" the contest awards program.
> I do not understand this.  In order to submit a club score for an ARRL
> contest, you have to first have an ARRL AFFILIATED CLUB to submit it
> for.  Becoming an affiliated club is not a trivial matter, having been
> down that road.  It involves submitting by-laws, constitution, etc.,
> along with many forms, for ARRL review.  As I recall, it also involves a
> vote of the ARRL Board of Directors.  If anyone wants to form a"paper
> club" that much, I say LET THEM!!
> I knew nothing about this CAC discussion until AFTER they dismissed the
> action.  I suspect my lack of knowledge was strictly my fault, but many
> others did not know as well.  I encourage the CAC to reconsider this
> decision post haste, and allow for "dual club" submission.  I believe
> that a "local" and a "medium", OR a "local" and an "unlimited" should be
> allowed.  Don't allow submission to all three, and don't allow a "medium"
> and an "unlimited".
> The "harm" that CAC members suspected would occur if they adopted this is
> less that the "harm" that happens every contest when two clubs start
> twisting a member's arm to submit a score for them.  In the past, I have
> decided to NOT OPERATE rather than make a decision and hurt someone's
> feelings.  I don't think I would do that today, but others would.  So, by
> not allowing this "dual entry", I suspect that activity is being hindered.
> I have made my feelings known to N6TV, my CAC representative.  Let your
> opinions be known as well.  Now back to our regularly scheduled
> programming...
> 73,  Jim  N6IG
>                                              n6ig at

You have hit the nail on the head Jim.  I cannot see what harm dual 
citizenship does to the award program.  I think that a local club 
catagory and a Bigger club catagory actually makes it more FUN. I know 
that the local TACO boys had more fun in SS than ever before.  Seems 
like people you see more often and the rivalry we can have with other 
local groups is just closer to home.  

But It would be great if we could also support our "mainline" club as 

What do others think?  And since the CAC is our voice, if the 
majority of us would like to see the rule changed they will 
listen....won't they?

Jay WX0B

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