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Tue Sep 24 00:18:30 EDT 1996

The Ham event of the Centry.... The New Call LOTTO....
Will be held April 1 1997 with famed Master of Ceremony none other than our
Dr. Bafoofnic.. Thats right ,He was granted a leave of absence from his
employer  Ponderer's R Us. the famous W.V Think Tank . 
 The day will be full exciting and challenging events such as  
 It Takes Two. this is a event where the winner has the highest rate while
lisiting to 
                      a pile up tape with the stations shouting Last two 

SSV  This will separate the men from the boys. You  place a  headset over
your ears   
         thay start with low ssv audio and increase the volume till it
reaches the  level
         at 14230 with no agc.. the one who can indure this the longest wins

last but not least     Net Minder... This will tax the most experienced
contester to the 
          limit.. how it works is you are flashed a  D/F/Z  = Day Freq Time
            you will have to type in the Net that owns that Freq
            you will then see anothe D/F/Z  and so on  till the alloted time
is up..
            The winner have the highest nr. of correct D/F/Z's 

So mark your Calenders Get Ready to spin the " Lotto Call Wheel of Fortune"
 M.C. Dr.Bafoofnik and all his relatives from Mellon Bank ..            
This event will be run by the PA. state lottery sys
I am sorry to report All 610v,s sent to Mellon Bank will be delayed in
prosseing because all the Dr,s Relatives went home to Study for the Random
Drug Test 
the lotto officials demand of any one involved with this opperation....

>From 0002104829 at (RONALD KLEIN)  Tue Sep 24 04:38:00 1996
From: 0002104829 at (RONALD KLEIN) (RONALD KLEIN)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 96 22:38 EST
Subject: Hand Delivery of 610Vs
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-- [ From: Ron Klein * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

Well, Mellon must have been closed on Sunday. The USPS Express Mail folks
attempted to deliver mine at 11:00 AM without success. It was delivered at 11:
00 AM on 9/23.

This is CONTEST-related.... trust me <g>


Ron - W0OSK (MAYBE K0RK next?)

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Date: Sunday, 22-Sep-96 06:48 PM

From: k4sb                     \ Internet:    (k4sb at
From: k4sb                     \ Internet:    (k4sb at
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Subject: Hand Delivery of 610Vs

OK guys, will trade you a few facts for one line which only some of you will

1.  Shadow delivered at 0000:01 Saturday morning. Comments NOT requested!

Well, for those of you have put out all the facts, and to lay all the rumors to
rest, so perhaps we can get back to business, here's what happened.

Mellon set up 3 tables in the lobby  shortly before OOOO EDT on Friday  night,
manned by 2 gentlemen and 1 lady from the Shift Supervisor's office.  All had
date stamps in red ink. Behind them were business sized letter  holders (
plastic, sorta like you see people carrying mass mailings) There  were
approximately 10 of us present. By unanimous vote, a XYL applying for a KH6
call was allowed to go first. Second was a WB8 delivering his. Next was
Shadows.  ( you wouldn't believe how many Mellon Bank buildings there are. I
think I counted 6.

At exactly midnight, they began furiously stamping the envelopes and placing
them in letter trays. As the trays filled, someone took them  upstairs to the
main office. The manager of the Lockbox Office assured me  earlier in the day
that they intended processing them IN THE ORDER RECEIVED!  In other words,
there is no dumping them all into one hugh box and no  lottery.. By 0020, the
lobby was like a tomb.... I had taken along a book to read, forgot it and took
a cab back getting there again about 0030. The place was deserted....

West Virginia is one of the most beautiful States I have ever seen. Drivers in
West Virginia are the most courteous I have ever seen. Pittsburgh has  some of
the rudest people I have ever seen. I won't bother to comment on the drivers,
except to say I parked and took cabs.

I hope this information is helpful. I will not reply to any msg concerning 
this one. I need a break.


ED & Shadow

Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb at
Date: 9/22/96
Time: 6:51:25 PM

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>From w2vjn at (George Cutsogeorge)  Tue Sep 24 02:39:28 1996
From: w2vjn at (George Cutsogeorge) (George Cutsogeorge)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 96 01:39:28 GMT
Subject: Ferrite question
References: <199609232349.TAA15275 at>
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The split cores to order from Amidon are:
    2x-43-251 for 1/4 inch cables and
    2x-43-141 for 1/2 inch cables.

You can also use non split cores as they are cheaper:
    FB-43-5621 for 1/4 inch cables and
    FB-43-1020 for 1/2 inch cables.

There are also toroidal cores made of 43 material, preferred for HF, which can 
be used for winding several turns of control cables on.  The inserted impedance 
goes up by the square of the number of turns, so you can see the advantage.

BTW, Amadon is a distributer.  The cores are manufactured by Fair-Rite Products 
Corp and are available through industrial suppliers.  They also supply kits of 
various types of their EMI suppression products.

Happy hunting,


    > Having a good deal of RF coming back in to the shack on 80M.  Lighting up
    > some boxes, sometimes messing with the computer, etc.  I need to stick 
    > some
    > ferrite around the rotor cables and some 4 conductor 14g house wire I use
    > for controlling the antenna relays on the tower.  
    > Question:  What do I order when I call Amidon?  What do I ask for?  Please
    > dont tell me about the snap jobs you can buy at Radio Shack.  We all know
    > about them... over priced and in my experience rarely effective.  
    > Thanks
    > Bill, KM9P
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George Cutsogeorge,  W2VJN                   
Umpqua, OR.

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