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frenaye at pcnet.com frenaye at pcnet.com
Wed Sep 25 00:39:19 EDT 1996

	I don't think Gate 2 callsigns are being issued yet.  N46BVO says he 
	received K6GV (a call he used to have), presumably under Gate 1A.
	The YCCC now has W2PV as a club call from an application sent in 
	about 10 days ago under Gate 1A as well (issued Monday).

	73 Tom

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>From mihry at mail.topher.net (michael d. ihry)  Wed Sep 25 00:56:41 1996
From: mihry at mail.topher.net (michael d. ihry) (michael d. ihry)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 18:56:41 -0500
Subject: sep vhf contest results for ac5ct
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here is the ac5ct results for sep vhf contest           

       q's     mults

50mhz  8        2

144    14       3

total  22  x   5  = 110 pts

had fun....crappy bands  

>From WX0B-JTERLESKI at postoffice.worldnet.att.net (Jay Terleski)  Wed Sep 25 01:01:15 1996
From: WX0B-JTERLESKI at postoffice.worldnet.att.net (Jay Terleski) (Jay Terleski)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:01:15 -0500
Subject: Ferrite beads, torroids used for rfi suppression and Baluns, etc.
References: <960924161402_109825360 at emout17.mail.aol.com>
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W8JITom at aol.com wrote:

> Let's think about that a bit. MEASURED data have proven over and over again
> that 60 1/4 wl radials comes within a dB of a theoretically perfect ground,
> and as length is reduced the NUMBER of radials required to achieve the
> maximum FS for a given length, as well as the field strength, decreases. If
> the radials are made longer, we can use more radials and FS improves. The
> curves are ALWAYS real smooth curves.
> Now suddenly 1/4 wl is the "wrong length", it just happened to be overlooked
> for fifty years in innumerable real world FS measurements.
> 73, Tom

Not wanting to take away from K5iu's excellent work, I would like to explain what I saw at 
my QTH since you wanted to dig in a little deeper...HI.

My statement really was meant for the guys like me doing raised radials.  Since I cant put 
down ground radials which is really what I would like to do.  Especially since I am blessed 
with excellent ground soil around here.  

Dick has a rf current meter in which he measures current at two places on the radials and at 
two frequencies.  At least he did over at my QTH.  The results were that only 1 radial at 
each vertical was working.  Even though I had measured and pruned them last year with an 
Autek rf anayzer to be resonant.  

So this is really a case of raised radials, which is different from the work you mentioned. 
 If I could, I would put my radial wire under the ground.  But nonetheless I think Dick's 
work has value and it showed me that if I want to reduce the high angle radiation I had 
better make my radials 1/8 wave each and tune them to resonance with a single common 

The reason this works is that the change in impeadance of each radial with frequency is a 
much smaller percentage when your dealing with 1/8 wave than 1/4 wave.  Matter of fact Dick 
has charts which show that the 1/4 wave case a very small change in freq. or even ground 
conditions under the radial can cause its impeadance to very 2000 percent.  This is why all 
of a sudden it stops acting like a counterpoise.  Moxon indicated this as well.
While the same change at 1/8 wave radials is only 4 or 5 percent.  

As a furthar experiment we tried to make one of the non-current taking radials to take power 
by moving it around and putting it in a different location.  Although we could change the 
current somewhat it still was at least 10x less than the conducting radial and it was very 
sensitive to any change at all.  So if one is trying for balanced raised radial currents 
make them either smaller or larger than 1/4 wave.  To take them out of this very impeadance 
sensitive area.  

I, like you was amazed that their was so much difference in the actual radial currents.  I 
actually told Dick that one of them must have become detatched at the feed point.  We went 
up on the roof to check it out and it was intact.

I hope this better describes my previouse statements.  

Jay WX0B

>From divinia at ti.com (Darin Divinia)  Wed Sep 25 01:21:57 1996
From: divinia at ti.com (Darin Divinia) (Darin Divinia)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:21:57 -0500
Subject: Digest Mode
Message-ID: < at dlep1.itg.ti.com>

How do I get this sucker into digest mode?  

I checked the loading, grounds, etc...no go.

divinia at ti.com

>From vr2bg at asiaonline.net (VS6BrettGraham)  Wed Sep 25 01:36:29 1996
From: vr2bg at asiaonline.net (VS6BrettGraham) (VS6BrettGraham)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 08:36:29 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: W2VJN de VS96BG...
Message-ID: <199609250036.IAA18126 at asiaonline.net>

Sorry guys, but George's address is not up-to-date in WB5VZL's list...
I managed to loose your address & can't get back to you about your question
regarding the Asia-Pacific Sprint.  Please drop me a short note so I can
then reply with the answer.
73, VS96BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk

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