Vanities vs Contest Scores :-)

george fremin iii geoiii at
Tue Sep 24 22:00:07 EDT 1996

>page?  How about another reflector - 'vanitycall at'?
>Or, are we going to be inundated with postings such as: "Got my new call
>today - '12A34'.  It was number 5 on my list.  The mailperson delivered it at
>10:17am EST today....."?

More intresting then being told that the NCJ, QST or CQ showed
up in the mail.


George Fremin III
Austin, Texas C.K.U.   
geoiii at

>From steven at (Steven Nace KN5H)  Wed Sep 25 03:10:14 1996
From: steven at (Steven Nace KN5H) (Steven Nace KN5H)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 20:10:14 -0600
Subject: Club Call Abuse
Message-ID: <02101468706182 at>

At 08:34 PM 9/24/96 EST, K1DG wrote:
>Would one of you guys who can make the FCC database dance check out how the
>Tucker family of La Mirada, CA has done with new calls? 

I counted 36 club stations at one address.

>THere are 4 family members. All have 2-letter calls with their initials or 
>close (how tacky!). As of last year, they had 23 club callsigns among them.

Still looking for their new 2 letter calls. See above, 36 clubs.

>I don't think they're contesters. I hope they get active. Think of the rate
>you can have running Tuckers!

Or just imagine if all 4 members ran around their house and worked you from
their 36 clubs stations. Hmmm, what is that, about a GROSS of them?

de KN5H  not KN5S

>From n4zr at (Pete Smith)  Wed Sep 25 03:07:48 1996
From: n4zr at (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:07:48 -0700
Subject: CATV Hardline Vf
Message-ID: <199609250207.TAA25483 at>

At 11:46 AM 9/24/96 -0700, Del Seay wrote:
>Tony Brock-Fisher wrote:
>> Anybody know the velocity factor for CATV Hardline? I just
>> picked up a nice hunk of 7/8" diameter, foam dielectric with
>> black poly jacket...
>> -Tony, K1KP, fisher at
>Probably .88 - if you can find a mfg marker or p/n, I can get it
>more closely defined.  de KL7HF

Or if you know the length within 1 percent or so, put an antenna analyzer on
it and tune for minimum Z

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
n4zr at 
... and not changing!

>From k5zd at (Randy Thompson)  Wed Sep 25 03:11:31 1996
From: k5zd at (Randy Thompson) (Randy Thompson)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 22:11:31 -0400
Subject: CONTEST related post!
Message-ID: <01BBAA68.E5EA9F60 at>

Sleep as much as you can the week prior to the contest.  Take a 3 hour =
nap on Friday afternoon.  Plan on operating the first 31 hours of the =
contest.  Sleep in multiples of 90 minutes. Keep pushing.  Its amazing =
how even those 20 QSO hours add up over time and in the bottom line.

Given this point in the cycle, it would not hurt your score much to =
sleep 3 hours the first night and even as much as 4.5 hours the second.  =
It may cost you a place or two in the standings, but will hurt a LOT =

Randy, K5ZD

From: 	AA8U[SMTP:aa8u at]
Sent: 	Tuesday, September 24, 1996 6:39 AM
To: 	cq-contest at
Subject: 	CONTEST related post!

Hello Fellow Contesters,

It has been a long time since I operated the CQWW DX SSB contest "single
operator all band". In fact I can't remember just when I did it, likely =
seventies. A long time ago when staying up all night for two days was
relatively easy.=20

This year, I intend to enter the fray SOA to see how well I can do. Past
entries from AA8U were always multi-op or single-band efforts on 10 or =
(where lots of rest was possible).=20

I post this here to seek the conventional wisdom of all the crack =
that usually enter CQWW SSB single operator, un-assisted. Specifically, =
you take off time to rest, what times do you take off, if any? Also, =
what success has your strategy worked for you. I would be interested in
seeing your comments as to what works and what does not work.

I reviewed the past couple of CQWW SSB rate sheets and I found a lull in
productivity in the wee hours before sunrise here, only about four hours
total for the whole contest. At fifty years of age, I am not certain if =
will be enough. Will it be too much, dunno. During these "slow" times, I
noticed some very good mults showed up on the low bands and I would not =
to miss them. The strongest bands at this station are the low bands,
especially 80 and 160.....

Any advice?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


aa8u at

Randy Thompson                                                           =
                     Amateur Radio Call Sign: K5ZD
E-mail: k5zd at
11 Hollis Street,  Uxbridge, MA 01569
h (508) 278-2355  w (508) 337-6600

>From aa0cy at (Robert Wanderer)  Wed Sep 25 03:59:09 1996
From: aa0cy at (Robert Wanderer) (Robert Wanderer)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:59:09 -0700
Subject: The Callsign Contest
Message-ID: <01BBAA54.9939D6E0 at>

Maybe we need a callsign "Was-Is" contest in which the exchange is
your old callsign followed by your new callsign.  It would be a Sprint
type 4 hrs in length Saturday evening on 20-40-80/75 metres only, but
you didn't have to necessarily QSY.

Typical exchange: KZ1ZZZ KA5M W5XX K

This way everybody will now know your new identity.

73, Bob AA0CY (If I change it, I would get back my first-ever call from
33 years ago -- WN2MCB)

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