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Fri Sep 27 22:42:28 EDT 1996

GE Gents

Perhaps a urine sample from each top ten score would be appropriate. If they
find any amphetamines in there then its a check log. I would bet that a lot
of those 48 hour efforts would dwindle down to 36 hours or so... Course if
they check for beer I'm shit outta luck.....  {$->     Seriously
though...I've often wondered how those 48 hour guys WENT 48 hours... Thank
God for M/M's!  
                                                              73 de Doug //
                                                               V26DX @ V26B

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>From kl7y at (Dan Robbins)  Sat Sep 28 03:30:07 1996
From: kl7y at (Dan Robbins) (Dan Robbins)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 18:30:07 -0800
Subject: The Packet Advantage
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The one advantage to packet is in being able to determine who is on a
certain frequency.  If I tune across a station sending 59908, and I already
have a couple mults in that zone, I have two choices:  Wait until he signs
his call (which might be a while) or try to work him and ask him his call.
The latter he may even ignore.  Either way, I'm wasting time, especially if
he turns out to be a dupe, but if I pass him by and it's a new mult, I have
lost even more.  The Packet guys don't have this problem.  They zip right
in, knowing it's a good one.  Then they QSY back to their CQing frequency.
Without even hearing the call of the guy they just worked.  Apparently,
failing to copy the other station's call is not against the rules as long as
someone on the PacketCluster gets it right.  Some of us Search and Pounce,
others only Pounce.

                                        Dan KL7Y  

>From jdowning at (John Downing)  Sat Sep 28 03:54:30 1996
From: jdowning at (John Downing) (John Downing)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:54:30 -0700
Subject: Gray line wallpaper
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Hi y'all,

Been wondering if one of the software talents on the reflector could
conjure up an applet that would be useful to this contester - and maybe

What I would like to see is a gray line world map - like the Geochron clock -
that updates in real time and displays as either Win95 wallpaper or in a
Win95 box or both.  

The Hfx package is good as far as it goes but doesn't update in real time.
Maybe some Java code that is viewed through Netscape's browser or maybe
some ActiveX for Microsoft? 

Your thoughts?  And, perhaps a volunteer?


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