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Where on earth do you have the idea a host fixing equipment problems is
I believe you made similar comments in the past regarding this subject.
Please DO READ the rules before make erroneous comments! They are very
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Barry Kutner wrote:

> As has been said already, if someone's gonna cheat they're gonna
> cheat. Whether it is running power, or using packet. Or, having the
> host at a guest op station help with equipment problems, or even
> relieve the guest op for a little while here and there...
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>From steve.steltzer at paonline.com (WF3T)  Sat Sep 28 14:59:26 1996
From: steve.steltzer at paonline.com (WF3T) (WF3T)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 10:59:26 -0300
Subject: SO vs SOA - Why do we contest?

        First, let me say, IMHO, if 100 or so peers/judges agree a station
was using packet while claiming SO, disqualify the station! This has nothing
to do with whether the score would have been higer/lower or the same with or
without packet help. The man deliberately cheated. Disqualify his score for
that contest.
        Second, the psychology question of the day. Why do some people look
down their noses and bash those who enter the assisted classes? Why do they
feel the need to make themselves feel more important/bigger/better by making
others feel less so? Sad to say some of my heros are no longer my heros
after sampling their personalities here on the reflector. And a lot of guys
who's calls are not often in the boxes DO have my respect. Do you big heads
ever stop to think that without all of us little pistols you wouldn't have
anybody to work?
        Here's something to think about. There are as many reasons someone
enters the assisted classes as there are for why each of us enjoys
contesting. One that hasn't been mentioned in this round, and is personally
the most important to me, is because it makes the contest more FUN. 
        You have company, it's akin to operating at a multi. Friends to chat
with when things get slow. Friends to help when you spot that new mult.
(Yes, Virginia, SOA's DO s&p). The satisfaction felt when a "Thanks!" talk
msg comes back. As for increasing your score? If you're doing it right, I
don't think it's much of a factor. Unless you cheat and put more than one
signal on the air at a time. In fact, in the last WPX, my node's link lasted
about the first 30 minutes of the contest, and I still managed over 2 meg
with tribanders from an RF hole. No, it's not great, (but I think it would
have been just in the box for SO), but I guess it's pretty good for someone
who obviously doesn't know how to operate, since I enter the assisted
classes. But hey, I'm in good company. K3WW et al can't operate either, :-)
        Seriously, for those few of you who need to boost your ego's even
further, think about this. We already know you are the best operators, and
have or use the best stations. We already wish we had your talents,
knowlege, and skills. You are already our heros. Why spoil it by acting like
Little Lord Fauntleroy?

                                                                Steve, WF3T
ps: My manhood is doing just fine, thank you.

pss: Flame, shame me, gonna get a rope n hang me, high from the highest tree,
     woman would you weep for me? (Roger Miller circa 68)?

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