V26B and club scores

N3ADL at aol.com N3ADL at aol.com
Sat Sep 28 13:59:30 EDT 1996

Whooops.....Not what I meant, Tom.  I just don't want any other claimed V2
score like if we had 2 YCCC ops  and they suddenly wanted to list thier
points for YCCC Antigua contest team.. This is an FRC
expedition.....Tyler(PVRC) took like 2.4 meg (or whatever his 10% was..we had
9 FRC ops and Tyler)  off last year so we know the rules. Thay can have the
points FOR thier own club total score back home but they derived them from an
FRC DXpedition.  Tyler is listed as an OP not as a seperate entity..... Guess
I better clear that up....Was still sleeping when I wrote it.   As Far as the
other OPs ...sure!...takin a list and will call folks when and if needed...
We got lucky this year..got a professional videographer to fill out the
field. I am not sure getting married is an excuse from your contesting
obligations but we had to replace Mike this year. It was tough to find a
competent replacement able to travel on short notice. My list will make it
easier the next time we need to replace an op. See you from V2! GL in the
test! I assure you I am not excited! hi 
                                                                      73 De
Doug // N3ADL

P.S. Pass this along to EST will ya..lost his address.. 73

>From 0002090328 at mcimail.com (DANIEL VIOLETTE)  Sat Sep 28 18:04:00 1996
From: 0002090328 at mcimail.com (DANIEL VIOLETTE) (DANIEL VIOLETTE)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 96 12:04 EST
Subject: IC765 Locking Up Problem
Message-ID: <43960928170434/0002090328PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

-- [ From: Dan Violette * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

     Our club [K6NX ex-WB6YPX <-got to get the vanity call info into the 
     message, everyone else is!] has an IC765 which gets RF into the 
     receiver and locks it up.  Transmit on 10M (28.0 or 28.5 MHz) and it 
     locks up transmitting in the 25.5-25.7 MHz range and drifts around (no 
     10M signal anymore).

     We know about the problems regarding beverages, and I think we are 
     probably getting the same kind of issue with the active receiver 
     getting too much RF during TX.  It locks up easily on an antenna but 
     with a dummy load need to add a longer RX ANT jumper (about 2 feet 
     long) to get it to lock up (more 'antenna' on the RX line).  If the RX 
     jumper is removed, the problem goes away (but no RX).  If the internal 
     tuner is on or the 10db (or more) attenuator is in line, no problem 
     (all at 100W).  Looks like an external relay on the RX would solve our 
     problem, but there was no problem for years and now the last year I 
     think we have had the problem (10M hasn't been used much lately).

     The obvious was an RF grounding problem (and ICOM couldn't find a 
     problem in their checkout).  A lot of time has been spent checking 
     this out by removing all external connectors, using different power 
     circuits, adding more things like the antenna switch panel to the 
     single point ground system using a rod through the floor (all ground 
     braids <6' long).

     Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

     73, Dan KI6X  <DViolette at mcimail.com>

>From desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith)  Sun Sep 29 01:43:50 1996
From: desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith) (Doug Smith)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 19:43:50 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: TN QSO Party *TODAY*
Message-ID: <199609290043.TAA26931 at eve.telalink.net>

Just a last minute reminder...  the Tennessee QSO Party is (UTC) today!

1800 UT 9/29 to 0100 UT 9/30.  Exchange RS(T) and QTH.  Look 40KHz up on CW,
3900/7240/14280/21390/28390 on phone, and 146.55FM.  CW QSOs count double.  

County hunters alert: I know of at least three mobiles planning extensive

Logs go to me, either by snail-mail (QTHR) or email to this address.

See y'all there in 17 hours!

73 Doug

Douglas E. Smith  W9WI/4 		desmith at Telalink.net
1385 Old Clarksville Pike		(preferred for long files)
Pleasant View, TN  37146-8098 USA	       -or-
(615) 746-5205				72777.3143 at compuserve.com
		 			(preferred for time-critical info)

>From sm3bdz at pobox.com (Lars Harlin)  Sun Sep 29 05:04:50 1996
From: sm3bdz at pobox.com (Lars Harlin) (Lars Harlin)
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 05:04:50 +0100
Subject: TS-870 agn...
Message-ID: <199609290404.FAA10592 at www.itz.se>


Have some more experiences on the 870 I wanna share.

1. Sometimes the RX hangs muted when the vox is shifting over from
   TX. Anyone of you had the same problem?

2. In ssb mode when using vox, the monitor sounds weird. Its like
   having a overseas phonecall, you can hear yourself but with a
   slight delay... If I take out the vox and use ptt it sounds OK.

   I=B4m curios to know if those are common defects on the 870 or only
   on my copy.

Best 73 de Lars /SM3BDZ

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