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Some reasons your statement is wrong is - first of which is that an assisted
op is still using one set of gray cells to make his decisions, he is not
being told where to go  - should I QSY for the mult or should I run...should
I stay or should I go....

No operator who has tried the drugs has repeated...the resulting backlash
from shakiness and sloppiness is not worth the tradeoff by far....heah I
understand that that was the seventies when this was debated and of course we
didn't have the reflector then!

Super check partial is a borderline issue with I'd say about half the crowd
with you and half against.

Since that second radio is an assist I gather you are doing it - was it as
hard for you to learn to decide which radio to respond to as it was for me?

Jim  x-k1zx

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It seems to me that SO already have assists:	
 Computer Logging - is a second operator	
 Call Sign Data Base Look UP - is a third operator		
 Second Radio with auto support in Logging - is a fourth op	
 Drugs for 48 hours - Bennies, Caffein, etc - is a fifth op
So why isolate Packet as the only Assist?
Merrilly yours, Barry Merrill, w5gn at airmail.net

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