[CQ-Contest] CQWW WPX : New M/M Station

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Wed Apr 2 07:46:21 EST 1997

April 1, 1997

Good morning to the Contest Group.

I spent the WPX weekend searching 5 bands for the renowned
*LPL* station. Nothing heard on 80/40/20 or 15M.

Was Frank using his EU stacks and forgetting the Pacific?
Or did some enterprising operator with a 2x1 call take over?

On the second day we had a brief opening on 10 and there
was the famous call coming thru on 28.485 at 2203z:

US Station:       ....LPL/M
ZL1ANJ:           W3LPL ur 59
US Station:       Tnx, but this is KC6LPL/M ur 59 030
ZL1ANJ:           OK. KC6LPL what is the /M (multi op?)
US Station:       No, I am mobile in California.

Congratulations to a rookie with 100w and a vertical in
breaking the pileups.

Suggestion for WPX Committee
A new M/M section for Multi-talented/Mobiles.

Martin ZL1ANJ

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