[CQ-Contest] pick up the gaunlet!

David O Hachadorian k6ll at juno.com
Fri Apr 4 10:01:39 EST 1997

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997 13:25:27 +0000 Douglas Zwiebel <KR2Q at worldnet.att.net>
>Okay you "hate the zero point, hate the 36 hour format, hate
>the wrong weekend" WPX types.  Here is a GENUINE challenge.  Perhap
>Mr. contesting.com can help out (not sure which call Bill is
>using now ????).  Maybe some contest clubs can pitch in together.
>Fashion it in the form of the WPX if you like, use whatever point
>structure you like, and run it in April (when Dayton USED to run).
>There is no better proof than success.  This is a PERFECT opportunity
>for you to put REAL TEETH into your thoughts and ideas.  Let's face
>it, 40 guys voting to change the point system is NOT convincing.
>A successful contest IS convincing!  You run it, and I'll give it
>a try!  Give out T-shirts to encourage participation (ala WRTC).
>You don't need ARRL or CQ...you CAN do it.  PICK UP THE GAUNLET!
>You have almost a year to prepare.
>Doug  KR2Q
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Or, it could be done within the WPX. Just score 30 hours by
the different rules, and publish the results on the Internet.
That would be enough incentive to get me to enter the WPX, which
I normally skip. 

A much better solution would be to continue to lobby for CQ to
change the rules. 

I never enter a contest when the rules are stacked against me. I
don't whine, I just don't enter. (This is not whining.) There are
plenty of other good contests with characteristics that are more
interesting from out here.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL, Yuma, AZ
k6ll at juno.com

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