[CQ-Contest] WPX/East/West

Fredrick R. Gern k2fr at juno.com
Sat Apr 5 12:33:08 EST 1997

It's terrible to sit here and watch the 
contesting info fly by and be bored by
First of all most of the mail comes from a few:
Squeaky wheel syndrome?

East coast advantage, West coast advantage.
Means LITTLE to the bulk of contesters. We don't
have the 100' towers and it's just normal for us
to not be able to hear and work everything.

Zero points, 1 point - who cares!
I enter contests because I LIKE them.
My scores aren't very high and have even
become lower since some health problems, but
I still think contesting is a blast

I realize that this means more to the big guns
because most of us contest to beat someone, the
buddy across town or the multi on another continent.
But it is beaten to death - probably because of
the information overflow we subject ourselves to.
No, I won't unsubscribe, I just want to bitch.
Fred, K2FR - formerly some other call.
You can flame me at k2fr at juno.com

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