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Tom at utd.com Tom at utd.com
Sun Apr 6 00:43:38 EST 1997

Right on Fred! I think the overpowering majority of us are in the same 
boat. Somewhere along the line we got hooked and started to add an amp 
here, a tower there. Next year a bigger beam, maybe a monobander or two. 
Next thing you know your a semi-big-gun, or maybe still the little guys(s) 
who have more heart than brains and score better than you should be able 
to. Now your looking for an edge, you've done all you think you can do 
equipment-wise due to your local restraints (financial, zoning, whatever). 
If you succomb to the urge, you start to complain about rules, hours, 
points, whatever you percieve will give you that "edge".
 The difference, as I see it, is the class-act big and little guns that 
never succomb to this urge. They always talk positive, and work towards 
improving, rather than changing contesting. Those guys and gals are out 
there, you just have to look for them. Their mommas probably taught them 
that when you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.
 Sounds to me like you're one of these guys.

73 es Keep the Faith, de Tom, N2SA (ex N2GQS) (the little pistol that 

>It's terrible to sit here and watch the 
>contesting info fly by and be bored by
>First of all most of the mail comes from a few:
>Squeaky wheel syndrome?
>East coast advantage, West coast advantage.
>Means LITTLE to the bulk of contesters. We don't
>have the 100' towers and it's just normal for us
>to not be able to hear and work everything.
>Zero points, 1 point - who cares!
>I enter contests because I LIKE them.
>My scores aren't very high and have even
>become lower since some health problems, but
>I still think contesting is a blast
>I realize that this means more to the big guns
>because most of us contest to beat someone, the
>buddy across town or the multi on another continent.
>But it is beaten to death - probably because of
>the information overflow we subject ourselves to.
>No, I won't unsubscribe, I just want to bitch.
>Fred, K2FR - formerly some other call.
>You can flame me at k2fr at juno.com
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