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Eugene Walsh 0004504465 at mcimail.com
Mon Apr 7 02:33:00 EDT 1997

I remember the first WPX, but it then was the
CQ World Wide SSB contest.  They made up this contest, 
you see, and I entered it from several places over the years.
It was fun.  If they change the rules I will still enter, no 
matter what the rules, because I enjoy it.  I have spent many 
hours in WPX contests, to my XYL's chagrin, even managed to win a 
few.  It is better for someone in W1, of course, but I still 
manage to have a good time.  If someone is not having a good time 
he has no business in the contest, life being as short as it is. 
K6LL has the right idea: if its not a good time, don't do it.
I didn't know that the rules were up for election, but even if
they are I don't know how to compensate an international event
for geographical disadvantages.  I do know that almost every 
attempt at major rules changes that I know of has had a negative 
I will say that 30 hours makes alot more sense to me (It provides 
that chance for the disadvantaged to be clever) than the 36 hour 
rule now in force.  I fear, however, that my opinion is not a
major influence.
There are no bad contests, but some are better than others
depending upon where you are and other relevant parameters.
73 Gene N2AA

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