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>On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Rob Hummel wrote:
>> Please don't count me as one of those lobbying to change the WPX 0-point
>> As 2-time LP/AB champ, I see nothing wrong with the way the scoring is now.
>> Giving 1 point for in-country contacts would have an overall negative effect
>> on the contest.
>> It would essentially turn the contest into three different contests.
>>    1. European QSO party.
>>    2. Field day (for non-east coast)
>>    3. WPX (for east coast)
>> FInally, I'll answer any US station that calls me -- even if I already have
>> their prefix. But encouraging US pileups of low-point QSOs will simply
>> reduce my score and force me to implement a more restricted  US QSO policy.
>With all due respect...  The contest isn't broken from your perspective.  
>You are in one of the places where the WPX is surely a great contest.  
>I'll bet KQ2M thought it was lots of fun also.  Its pretty OK here in 
>Georgia too.
>As far as the contest turning in to something else... No it wont.  The 
>guy that wins the contest will still be the guy that gets the best shot 
>at Europe or the European with the best shot at NA.  Oh, and the contest 
>already is Field Day for Non-eastcoasters.  They can't work anything 
>else.  At least give them a lousy point for their efforts.
>Instead of "What's in it for me?", we should be thinking "What's best 
>for the contest?".  The fact is that 3/4 of this country (a large group 
>of contesters) cant work 3 point QSO's for 36 hours like you can.  Heck 
>even KW9KW operating from one of the largest stations in the world was 
>reduced to S&Ping.  What do you think a guy with a tribander in Nebraska 
>is doing?  
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Having not read my mail in a while, this discussion may already be old.
However, my thoughts on WPX are:

1. The contest is boring unless you are on the east coast and can run DX 

2. The problem is worsened because of the time of year the contest is held.
Propagation usually sucks for working DX from most of the USA. 
3. If this contest were not so boring, it would attract more participants.
More participants would increase the score for everyone, including the DX. 

Anything the rules could do to make this contest less boring would improve it. 
Surely making country to country contacts count for 1 point would do that. 

73, Chas N8RR

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