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Ric Painter Ric.Painter at 12.collage.net
Sat Apr 12 13:36:11 EDT 1997

David L. Thompson, K4JRB, you recently wrote:

>CQ magazine sponsors a set of the best contests in amateur radio.
>Due to requests for "special" categories the number of contest
>certificates has risen dramatically... However, I see nothing wrong
>with approach if it brings out more competitors and more multipliers.
>But please be patient with the Directors of each contest as they toil
>to get out the certificates.

>I am still working on the 1996 certificates and plan on spending some
>time getting them finished by June 1.  The plan is to send most Dx
>cerificates to CQ for final stamping this month and then repeat with
>USA/VE in May.  Remember this is volunteer work and is done time

I vote for adding more qualified, accountable personnel to perform
the Contest-related tasks better.  I don't fault those who are
performing a labor of love using the best of their resources but the
*buck* stops with the Sponsor and, therefore, the Contest Sponsor is
ultimately responsible for getting the task done right the first time.
While much is being done with little, there is room for improvement.

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