[CQ-Contest] AF 50th Anniversary QSO Party

Bernie Skoch 75376.12 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Apr 13 00:10:23 EDT 1997

Air Force 50th Anniversary QSO Party
In celebration of the creation of the United States Air Force on September 17th,
1947, the Headquarters U.S. Air Force Directorate of Communications and
Information is sponsoring a QSO party for all interested radio amateurs.

0001 UTC 20 Sept 97 to 2359 UTC 21 Sept 97.

All bands and modes.

Score contacts by "point identifier."   Stations with licensees with no Air
Force affiliation have a point identifier of 1, are worth one point, and would
identify with the suffix "Air Force One" on phone or "/AF1" on CW or digital
modes.  If the licensee is a U.S. Air Force  veteran, member, or retiree (of any
component, active, Air National Guard, or AF Reserve) point identifier is
determined by subtracting the year licensee entered the Air Force from 1997.
For example, if he or she entered the Air Force in 1947, their point identifier
is 50 (1997-1947=50), and they would ID "AF/50."  If he or she entered in 1963,
their point identifier is 34 (1997-1963=34), and they would identify "AF/34."
Note that the duration of Air Force service is insignificant, the point
identifier value is determined solely by the year the member entered the Air
Force.  Obviously, the most sought after stations will be those brave men and
women who entered the Air Force in 1947, whose point identifiers will be "50"
and whose contacts are worth 50 points!

Scoring:  Add total point identifiers for all qualifying contacts. 

Multiple Contacts:  Stations may be worked multiple times on the same band if
the contacts are on different modes, but only once on each band if on the same
mode.  Stations may be worked and scored on multiple bands.

Logs:  Send logs by 15 October 1997 to:

     K5HOG:  Razorback Radio Club
     604 Julian Avenue
     Honolulu, HI 96818

Logs must have station worked date, time, mode, band, and point identifiers for
accepted nor rejected log sheets will be returned unless accompanied by a
suitable SASE.

Prizes:  Trophy (plaque) with Air Force 50th Anniversary logo signed by the
Headquarters, United States Air Force Director of Communications and Information
(Lt General William Donahue) to the overall winner.  Certificates (signed and
with AF 50th logo) to top three finishers in each state and country.

Winners announced in QST, on the Web, and available with SASE to K5HOG (address

Questions to:

    Bernie Skoch, K5XS, Colonel, US Air Force
    Director of Communications and Information, Headquarters Pacific Air Forces
    604 Julian Avenue
    Hickam Air Force Base
    Honolulu, HI 96818
    e-mail:  75376.12 at compuserve.com

Go Air Force, Happy 50th Anniversary!

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