[CQ-Contest] WPX scoring rules

Glenn VanBlaricum W6KNB w6knb at toyon.com
Tue Apr 1 17:07:52 EST 1997

I'm a pretty casual contester--not much of a competitor with only low power
and a 20-15-10 vertical. In last weekend's WPX SSB, I worked 144 Q's in a
few hours and got about 33k points with only one US Q. I avoided calling US
stations, even though I could probably have worked many tens of stations
and picked up a bunch of mults, just because it didn't seem useful to take
some US competitor's time to work a zero-point W6. (My apologies to anyone
missing a W6 mult.)

I strongly favor a rule change to make all Q's at least one point. Maybe
the current 2 and 3 points should be 3 and 5 or some such to emphasize DX,
but at least every Q should count for something for everyone--even someone
who has already worked a bunch of W6's.

To be honest, I enjoyed the contest quite a lot as it was, but I think this
rule change would make it more fun for US and JA stations. For what it's
worth, I also think that an earlier WPX CW is a good idea, too.

Glenn  W6KNB

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