[CQ-Contest] WPX RULES

Martin Luther MartinL at appdes.com.au
Wed Apr 9 13:46:58 EDT 1997

I have been interested to see the thread that says essentially "if the 
rules make it impossible to win just don't play".

I begin to wonder at my sanity. What kind of idiot am I? For the 
decade '73 to '84 and again since 1990 I have contested as VK4VU and 
then VK5GN. In many different contests. The rules favour, with VK5 at 
the bottom, first VK4 and VK6 then northern Oceania KH6 etc, then 
anyone near the equator but in a low population continent.

So why do I do it......and more importantly why am I encouraging 
others to do it and try and beat me as top VK5.


Winning is a buzz, but heck for most contests the feedback on the win 
is over a year after the effort.

I am a little crazy, everyone tells me so. In a democracy that makes 
them right, right?

The greatest contesting buzz to date was being a participant in WRTC, 
I didn't even come close to winning, but what a great time what a 
fantastic gift of pleasure to us all from the organisers. I went 
knowing I wouldn't win. I think I can do better than I did but that is 
the challenge to be there was the win.

Do better, learn something, improve the station, get a buzz from the 
"thanks for the multiplier I thought we had missed you VK guys!" That 
is also a win.

Hey I'm not nuts after all I'm just doing something I passionately 
enjoy.  Sure, I'll have an occasional whine about the rules that 
favour others. Just humour me with sympathetic noises and I'll be back 
in the next one.

That'll be me struggling to catch up with Al in KH6 who is usually 
double my Q's within the first couple of hours. I win by getting 
within 25% of his Q's at any time. He will always win if he is 
trying.....good operator.  That'll be me watching the VK4EMM multi 
single crew get away from me early in WPX ,over two hundred Q's ahead. 
Damn. When I take my next big break I am 5 ahead of 
them......gotcha!!!! BIG BUZZZZZZ! That'll be me giving out contacts 
to anyone who needs them on all bands including 80 and 160, despite 
the phone frequency hassles and a 400W power limit.

Don't forget you aggressive winners that want the rules to suit your 
views before you'll play. It's nuts like me that cannot win but just 
have a wonderful time that give you the contacts to get over 10million 
points. It's nuts like me that give you multipliers. It's nuts like me 
that make the major contests the huge events that they are now.

I can't respect these serious people who have to win to play......join 
me in the nut hutch, its fun, relaxing and only mildly injurious to 
your health.

Martin VK5GN
MartinL at appdes.com.au

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