[CQ-Contest] WPX 0-point discussion

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at aeneas.net
Wed Apr 16 04:03:56 EDT 1997

>Let me add my thoughts to K5TR's comments:
>>>However, my thoughts on WPX are:
>>>1. The contest is boring unless you are on the east coast and can run
>>I just don't get this - I live in Texas and I think the
>>WPX is a great contest - I enjoy the WPX more than
>>the ohter DX contests.
>Ditto.  After coming here from the East Coast (to quote the visiting W3BGN,
>"what's *wrong* with 20 meters?"), my obversation is that the WPX is one of
>the very best contests from the south central USA.  The combined DX
>points/mults and the USA mults keeps it interesting.  The JA runs from here
>add both points and mults.  JA from here is the most interesting DX
>direction.  In fact, the  LF 6 pointers during the JA run make the contest
>winnable from here-a rare event from Texas.
Double ditto.  This was my first WPX.  I only got 785,000+ points but for
a duffer like me to jump in with a "common" W5 call and work as many mults
as I did in the U.S., I don't see why everyone is griping so much.  If you
don't like the rules (and there appears to be good and sufficient reason to
not change them) then for goodness' sake, find contest(s) that you do like
and capitalize on it(them).

I had S9 line noise on 10 and 15, S9+20 to S9+40 static crashes on 160 and
80 and I made a big mistake by not trying to run them on 40 where I had a
distinct advantage with a 402-CD at 140 feet..... but I still had a ball
and next year, if I'm still alive and kickin', I'll do better.... I'll
make a side bet that I can beat anyone else in the mid-south with a TSA
rating in the WPX contest!!!!  Any takers???

Rod, W5HVV

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