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Wed Apr 16 08:16:40 EDT 1997

What I really missed from your survey is the geographical distribution
of the votes. It would be as informative as the number of votes, I


Zoli HA1AG

Zoli (HA1AG  de  N4KG)

Most of the Europeans were against giving QSO credit for 
USA to USA contacts.  Seems like a selfish attitude to me.
(SM2EKM has now seen the light...)

Please consider:

Europe and N.A. are approximately the same size.
Europe and N.A. have similar populations.
Europe and N.A. have a comparable number of available prefixes. 
Unique PREFIXES  are the multipliers in WPX (regardless of country).

>From any single European country, 90% of the European population
is in a DIFFERENT country and therefore counts as a 1 point contact
on the high bands and 2 points on the low bands in the WPX contest.

In North America, 90% of the population is in the USA and therefore
90% of NA  QSO's count for ZERO points.  Common prefix stations
have difficulty attracting rare prefix multipliers.  Rare prefix stations
get swamped with ZERO point contacts seeking their multiplier.  It's
a DOUBLE  EDGED  SWORD  for stations in large countries.

Europeans (and others) fear that if USA stations get points for other
USA (NA) contacts, WPX will become a domestic USA contest.  

BUT, NO  ONE acusses WPX of being a EUROPEAN contest, and
the Europeans are all working each other for prefixes and QSO 

>From a CONTINENTAL perspective, the WPX rules are unfairly
biased against large single countries (USA and Japan).  

The proposed 1-2-3 point scoring system is still biased against
large single countries BUT, will make for a more level competition
WITHIN those large countries while maintaining a BIG incentive to
maximize the number of DX contacts.

How would YOU like to make over 1000  ZERO point contacts in
a weekend (as did N4ZC)?  MANY contesters AVOID operating in 
WPX for this very reason.  (N4AR, N4KG, K6LL/7, W9XT for example).
Giving point credit for same country contacts will most likely 
INCREASE activity in those large countries which suffer from the
ZERO point discrimination, and increased activity should benefit

de Tom N4KG


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