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   Here some objective considerations about WPX rules and complaints.
   Someone want to change a little, some other a lot, someone prefers
   it like it is.
   Partly, everyone it's right in his opinion but it will be impossible
   to match all the expressed positions.
   So it is a real chance nothing will change, but even like this I think
   it's worth to partecipate the next one.......

1) Like an "European" i can't blame USA complaints not having points
   qsoin' between W1 and W6 while QSO between ON & DL (only an example)
   is logged with 1 or 2 points.
   My experience, anyway, say in WPX it's very important to MINIMIZE 
   continental QSO in order to maximize score.
   In WPX, QSO/number vs. QSO/points could bring to 50% LESS in final 
   Apart this period of solar mimimum where transcontinental contact in
   same emisphere are nearly "prohibited" on higher bands, it is will be
   always impossible to keep a so high QSO/rate of 1pt QSO to compensate
   the 3pt QSO of a transcontinental QSO. 
   In other words when higher bands will be opened, be sure next 98 WPX 
   already will have 20m well opened, 15m available and possibly something
   will happen on 10, for 12-18 hours on each day there' ll be chance for
   a consistent DX traffic.
   Six hours of continental QSO at 120 per hour will give 720pts while a 
   more easy 90 per our of "Non Domestic" traffic 1620pts.
   And 90 per hour.....is not so much, who experienced contesting on 15
   & 10m with propagation knows this rate can be easily more than doubled.
   If You lost your time with little value QSO You 'll be beaten by the
   first smarter neighbour, not only by the PY0....
2) It is obvious that some areas are always in favour over other ones, but
   this is going to be less and less pronounced as soon as propagation will
   improve. Giving one point for USA/USA qso won't change the fact a east
   coast station will beat a west coast one unless the first waste to much
   time with in-continent qso or makes havoc mistakes.
   Historical review of contest result show less pronounced gaps between 
   areas as much as sunspots are on.

3) The true risk in allowing points for USA/USA qso will be in having 2
   separate contests, one in North America, one in Europe and few stations
   in south America (read south Atlantic) getting advantages from the
   steady propagation they have with those 2 areas.
   Who experienced, i.e. 96 IARU and 97 ARRL (phone) know the problem.

4) A solution would be to take away points to all in-continent QSO, solving 
   like this the "unequalities" and giving some (little help) to VK an ZL.

5) Apart our should be a thecnical-thecnological hobby where learning how
   to make our station more efficient and getting nore skill as operators
   is a primary goal, there is a very little satisfaction in doing what's 
   easy and avoiding to deal in something that's still difficult for us.
   It would be like fishing in a 100ft lake where someone puts small hungry
   fish all mornings. Exciting ??

6) Competition is first against our previous results, to do better. Secondary
   against who is in our same position (position, NOT condition) to have a
   more efficient station and developing the skill to utilize.
   Then the competition can be WW, even not winning we can be ahead a number
   of station in favourable areas.

7) The favourable "areas" are there. Who is only a little "awake" knows
   where and why there are advantages. They are not restricted areas and
   everyone can try to go there.
   Anyway a place itself it is not useful for a contest. 
   A standard expedition setup it is not suitable for winning a contest so,
   to get the advantages for winning, it is necessary to realize a station
   that would be anyway over the average ones.
   Often thousand miles away from home, it's evident the effort is pretty 
   big and some "advantages" are the engine to move people going there.
   Who will deal with the installation of big towers and antennas, with the
   lack of AC supply, with the transportation of "strange" goods trough 
   customs, with scared inhabitants and with all the other "risks" and 
   expenses if there wouldn't be a serious chance to get a 1st place ?   

Hope to see You all in next WPX with or without changes.

73 de Mauri, I4JMY (one of IR4T and MCC, http://www.galactica.it/MCC)

E-mail i4jmy at uugate.aim.utah.edu

P.S. We have been very pleased to see in March issue of CQ-Magazine we are 
     again 1st M/S EU in 96' WPX after 5 years. Infact in the all time record
     page for WPX SSB where we lead EUROPE M/S with IJ4R, our previous call.
     Well, since the record was made in '91  we 'll be VERY glad to finally
     receive our certificate. 
     Never seen, several solicitings among years didn't have success....

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