[CQ-Contest] WPX rules, changes ?

Carlos Augusto S. Pereira csilver at riosoft.softex.br
Thu Apr 17 20:34:04 EDT 1997

>> 4) A solution would be to take away points to all in-continent QSO, solving 
>>    like this the "unequalities" and giving some (little help) to VK an ZL.
>This idea was thrown out by Tom (N4KG) only as a "How would you like it" 
>scenario.  I don't believe this discussion is a "Lets make everyone 
>equal" type of discussion.  That will never happen, why try?  
>The idea is to give guys in areas that work a high percentage of ZERO 
>point ZERO credit QSO's a reason to be on the air.  This is the only 
>contest that encourages country to country QSO's and gives NO credit for 
>a high percentage of those QSO's.

Sorry guys! But for me it sounds like a complaint that europeans make more points than americans. Something like .. "unfair"!

Is there anybody interested to know what the rest of the world thinks? SA, AS, AF and OC?? Or we are coming back to that time when Portugal and Spain divided the world in two parts? 

So, here it goes my vote: Keep the contest the way it is. It is a WW contest and I don't see reasons to motivate qsos inside the country.

BTW, Who wrote the rules? Americans, Canandians, Europeans...?? Whoever did, the rules are good in my opinion.

Hey! Remember it's my point of view.


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