[CQ-Contest] Neighbor/RFI/Love & Rockets/Extra Class Update...

John Nicholson k7fd at netbridge.net
Mon Apr 21 12:23:04 EDT 1997

For those contesters who have been following this love story, just
a quick note to say Annette sat down and passed her Extra this
past Saturday! I must admit that going from Zero to Extra in
52 days must be some sort of record...going from complaining
about my RFI to joining our ranks at the top!

And by the way, our lucky wedding date has been set: 7/11 at 11 o'clock
in '97...not that we are superstitious or anything...

73 to all...

John K7FD
Annette KK7GD/AE

P.S. As a side chuckle, Annette's exam day was one for the books. She
sits down to do the 20wpm...only to have the building janitor decide
it's time to do some industrial vacuuming just outside the exam room.
If that's not enough to break her concentration, he blows the circuit
breakers in the process! So the examiners have no choice than to start
over and let her try again...with a different exam tape, of course.
Somehow she kept a her cool and a big smile through all this and passed
anyway. I guess we all have our battle wounds...


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