[CQ-Contest] May CQ and QST out

Henry A Pollock henrypol2 at juno.com
Wed Apr 23 11:20:40 EDT 1997

Another great day at the PO box.  Both May 1997 issues of CQ and QST
arrived along with two of my favorite fishing magazines.  With fishing
season rapidly approaching and contest season gone, it's going to be
tough to decide which ones to read first!


Front cover photo of N7UA in his shack.  Check out that light fixture
hanging from the ceiling!  Read the details of Bob's excellent QTH and
antennas in the fine print on the Contents page.

Contest related items:  Results 96 CQ WW WPX CW Contest; Review of Icom
IC775DSP; CQ WW WPX CW Contest All-Time Records; Contest Calandar column
- 96 Contest Survey Results; and Rules for 97 CQ WW VHF Contest.

Other interesting items:  DXpedition to Wake Is., AL7EL/KH9; World of
Ideas column - The Fine Art: CW & Keys - Part I (more weird keys);
Bill's Basics column - Worldwide Amateur Radio Callsigns list; VHF Plus
column - Sporadic-E Propagation and more; Doug's Desk column - Toward
Simpler Superhets: a building block for experimenters; and Washington
Readout column - Get Ready for $50 Vanity Callsigns!; and more.....

Ads:  The inside back cover has the new Yaesu FT920 all-mode HF-6M rig
(since I have not seen any notes on this, here's a brief description -
100 watts out all bands, 33 MIPS DSP in all modes, all-band antenna
tuner in both RX/TX, auto DSP notch/noise reduction, built-in voice
recorder and memory keyer, and twin VFO knobs.)  RT Systems ad says
price is under $1800, available in May.  Astron has full page ad for
their switching power supplies (5 models at 5 lbs or less).  Sommer T-25
vertical antenna (160-10M at only 25 ft.).  New Alpha/Power ad has
picture from VK0IR.  AES has close out prices on the Yaesu FT900 and
FT990.  Icom's back cover ad is a new one for the IC-706MKII (no
indication of what is new in the MKII version).


Front cover photo of a 300 watt Class-E amplifier and power supply with a
feature article inside.

Contest related items:  Results 96 ARRL Nov. Sweepstakes CW Contest and
96 ARRL Int'l EME Competition; A Skyhook for the '90s (blimp supported
160M vertical); The Bent Dipole; Product Reviews - Icom IC-756 and JRC's
NRD-535D Receiver; Technical Correspondence - Modifying The Slant-Wire
Special for More Gain.

Other interesting items:  High-Efficiency Class-E Power Amplifiers, Part
1(cover story, 3-12W in, 300-500W out with single $11 transistor); Time
On Your Side, inexpensive, high-precision time services; and more ....

Ads:  New ARRL Antenna Handbook (18th edition) with software; Force 12
has new ad for their ZR-3 "Vertical"; and Yaesu has the same ad that I
noted above for the FT920.

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
Raleigh, NC

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