[CQ-Contest] Soliciting Opinons on Logging Software

steve hajducek n2ckh at cybercomm.net
Wed Apr 23 14:26:37 EDT 1997


Soliciting Opinons on Logging Software


Help us make certain decisions in the development of new
software for the hobby.


At this time I would like to ask my fellow amateurs via this
medium to respond to this message at my e-mail address, not
to the reflector, with your opinions on the following


1. What logging software(s) have you used ? (Please list program
   name(s) and versions and also indicate if DOS or Windows.)

2. What features in logging software do you love ?

3. What features in logging software do you wish you had ?

4. What characteristics about logging software do you hate ?

5. What enviroment do you curently use: DOS or Windows v3.x or
   Windows 95 or Windows NT or other ? (please list other)

6. What enviroment will you be moving to next ? (see choices in 5.)

I would like to thank veryone in advance for their time to respond.

/s/ Steve, N2CKH


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