[CQ-Contest] Dallas Ham-Com News Arrives Today

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Wed Apr 23 19:08:10 EDT 1997

Forgive the wide distribution on this, but I feel the 'message' 
being given in the referenced publication has an important 
meaning to us on the three reflectors.  Else press delete.

Today, I received the Ham-Com News, the newsletter for the 
upcoming, June 6-8, Dallas Ham-Com '97 Convention.  

I hope this is a preliminary issue to be followed up by a more
up-to-date listing of programs and forums...but I don't think so... 

What was once one of the larger and more fun conventions in the 
United States has dropped any and virtually all attention and 
support to HF operating.  

Sad....   What the heck happened up there?  

According to the Ham-com News, these are the forums and programs
to be presented:

Intro to Digital Modes
Intro to Inernet
Spread Spectrum
Texnet Update
TPRS Meeting
DXing with 2-M Packet
Radio Mods
Channel Capacity
Phase 3D Status
Ground Station for Phase 3D
Fuji OSCAR 29
Working the "Easy Birds"
Understanding Keplerian Elements
Manned Space Programs
Commanding and Using the UOSATs
Understanding and Decoding Satellite Telemetry
Beginners Satellite Workshop
ARRL Forum
VHF FM Society Programs
NTMS Forum
Scanning and Monitoring Forum
Scouting and Ham Radio
QCWA Breakfast
Braniff OOTC
VHF Board Meeting
The Wireman
QRP Afield
Ten-Ten International Forum
Tri-Service MARS
FAA Programs
Mary Kay
Pampered Chef
Blair House Fashions
Quilting Session
Testing Sessions
License Review Classes

Well....that says a lot, doesn't it? 

To me, the best sounding of them is the Pampered Chef forum (food!)

There's not even a DX Luncheon (food, again!), this year--and this was 
a year in which the biggest/most expensive ever DXpedition took place. 

I'm obligated elsewhere Saturday morning, but I was considering 
driving up Saturday afternoon, and checking things out Sunday, but
after seeing this...forget it.  

Is the absence of contesting, operating, DX'ing, antenna forums as 
significant to you as it is to me?  Is this happening in your area 

N5RP and I have had a conversation already about Houston's Gulf 
Coast Ham Convention later this year and what TDXS can do in the 
way of forums to promote contesting, HF operations, and DX'ing. 


Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at hal-pc.org

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