[CQ-Contest] Logging software for VHF and Field day

Phil Lefever plefever at isd.net
Thu Apr 24 03:23:12 EDT 1997

Thanks to all who helped with Bandpass filter/Stub info.

Just one more query and I'll be back in listening mode :)

I have been looking for a logging program that will handle
VHF (6m - 432) for Field day. So far it seems that all the
pgms I have seen that do VHF well don't work the field day
exchange (only grids not sections and xmitter classes). On
the other hand all the field day logging pgms either don't
go above 2m or they don't band switch well. Unlike HF with
the 15 minute rule we like to move our contacts from band
to band at will in the VHF station. My normal VHF logging
pgm will bandswitch at the touch of a "f(x)" key to any band.
I have tried to get the software author to add support for
the field day exchange with no luck.

Any suggestions?

Thanks to all.

Phil Lefever   ARS:KB0NES  kb0nes at isd.net		Twin Cities Repeater Club
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