[CQ-Contest] [FT-1000MP] Sources, Prices?

Jeffrey Maass jmaass at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Sat Apr 26 22:08:11 EDT 1997

I am shopping to update my station, and have settled on the FT-1000MP for
the radio. I've been pretty much "out of the mainstream" for ten years or

1) Which are the dealers where I'm likely to fine the best prices?

2) What are the "real life" street prices for new FT-1000MPs?

3) What are the "real life" street prices for the optional filters
    (8.2HMz IF: 2KHz, 250 Hz;  455kHz: 2.0KHz, 500Hz Collins, and 250 Hz)? 

4) Have there been significant changes since introduction that I should
     consider if I attempt to buy a used radio? Any serial numbers to 


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