[CQ-Contest] Re: Field day RTTY--CW

Will, KN6DV kn6dv at QNET.COM
Tue Apr 29 01:49:10 EDT 1997

Here the answer from Billy Lunt at the ARRL:

All digital modes count as "CW" for Field Day. If you work a station on 
RTTY, then a CW contact on the same band would be a duplicate conatct.

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> Subject: Field day RTTY--CW
> Date: Sunday, April 27, 1997 19:50
> Here a part of the Field day rules.
> Question: does this means you can work a station on CW and RTTY or if you
> worked him on CW you can not work him again on RTTY? any band?
> I would like to set up a RTTY station for our local club.
> C.Each phone and each CW segment is considered as a separate band. All
> voice communication contacts are equivalent, and Packet/RTTY/ASCII/AMTOR
> counted as CW. A station may be worked once on each band. Crossband
> contacts are not allowed. The use of more than one transmitter at the
> time on a single band is prohibited, except that a Novice/Technician
> position may operate on any Novice band segment at any time. No repeater
> contacts. 
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