Joe BV/N0IAT joentam at transend.com.tw
Wed Apr 30 16:03:50 EDT 1997

I just received my April issue of CQ-Ham Radio (the JA ham
magazine).  Several new products are now available in JA, including
new offerings from Yaesu, Alinco, and Icom.  

Icom announces IC-706 Mark 2 (old news, I suppose)
Yaesu announce FT-920  (old news, I suppose)
Alinco announces DJ-C1 and DJ-C4 micro slim 300 mW vhf/uhf radios.
Yaesu announces:  VL-1000/VP-1000 solid state linear amplifier.

For those not familiar with the JA regulations, they were changed
recently with the primary modification being power output increases
for the various classes of ham licenses.   The Class-1 licensee
is now allowed to broadcast at 1KW output, as opposed to the previous
limit of 500W.   In line with the power increase, Yaesu has introduced
the VL-1000 1KW solid state linear amplifier.  Specs follow, albiet
from my weak Japanese language reading ability.  Additionally, Yaesu
announces the matching VP-1000 Amplifier Power supply.  Some key

Band Coverage: 160 THRU 6 meters, 
Power:  out 1KW on 160 thru 10, and 500W on Six Meters
Size of Amp:  41cmX13.5cmX41CM (HWD)
Size of PS:   same size as amp...matches amp
Includes built in (integrated) 1KW Automatic Antenna Tuner
  capable of matching a 16.7 to 150 ohm load on HF bands and
  capable of matching a 20 to 125 ohm load on SIX meters
Transistor line up:  8 X MRF150 MOSFETs
Operating Voltage of amp:  48 amps at 48 volts
Power supply:   capable of running on 100 to 120, or 200 to 240 VAC
   suggested using 220VAC if running 1KW.
Weight:   15 Kg for the amp, 12 Kg for the power supply

The amplifier display is an "omni glow" LCD readout, and though
the print is small, I believe one can monitor the following 
items:  Out Power, VSWR, Collector Current, Frequency, and mode.

This is a slick looking amplifier, much better than the predecessor
FL7000, which is now about 12 years old (or more?).   Styling 
matches the FT920 exactly, with the 1000MP being a close but not 
perfect match.   To see a picture of the map, go to my ham radio
web page at:


73, and hope DXers, contesters, or those looking for an amp find
this information useful.

Joe Fitter BV/N0IAT in Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.
dit dit

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