[CQ-Contest] PCI Anything Cards ???

Brian Beezley k6sti at n2.net
Tue Dec 2 07:21:33 EST 1997

>SIIG makes a PCI sound card that is soundblaster compatable.

Cards that are "Sound Blaster compatible" often exhibit only 8-bit
compatibility.  That is, they may not implement the many 16-bit I/O commands
a genuine SB card does.  In addition, such cards may offer only
SB-compatible output (for games) and allow signal input using only the
Windows Sound System interface (a non-SB hardware spec).  It's important to
first test a "compatible" sound card with the software you intend to run
before buying it.

Due to heavy promotion of the new Creative Labs AWE64 sound card (that's 64
musical voices, still just 16 bits), new Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16
Value Edition sound cards are being dumped by dealers for less than $50.
They are available new at ham flea markets for under $30.  Using one of
these cards eliminates all compatibility issues (get the PnP version for use
in Win95).  These cards provide all the functions needed by any ham radio
sound-card program I know of.

Brian Beezley, K6STI
k6sti at n2.net

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