[CQ-Contest] FT-1000: Is it worth the "upgrade"

morel morel at shani.net
Wed Dec 3 19:23:59 EST 1997


If the rig is in mint condx, don't think too much: is a good price.
To upgrade to "D" you have to add the BPF-1 filter for $160, 
the XF-C 2.4KHz at 455KHz for $125 , XF-D 2KHz at 455KHz for $135,
XF-E 500Hz @455KHz for $140, TCXO-1 for $140. 
In my opinion, no need for TCXO-1 because the built-in TCXO
is stable enough - 2ppm. Same for XF-C.  
Optional to all models is XF-455MC 600Hz at 455KHz/sub-RCV for $140
and XF-F 250Hz at 455KHz for $140 but depend on your preferences.
There is a Yaesu reflector where you can find more info in the archives
about mods and upgrades.
No need for comments about comparing 1000 vs. 940. They are in different classes
with 8 yrs diference in design. You can compare it with TS-950SDX. 
The 1000 ( straight, D or MP ) receivers are in my opinion, the best choices 
for a contest environment.

73 de Morel, 4X1AD

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